What’s In Your Glass?

I am a liquid lover but sometimes water or even water with for only goes but so far. You get a taste for something different, you feel like you need it.

I like coffee but sometimes its a little too strong for me. Besides, if you know me then you’d know i dont need all of that caffeine. As a coffee sub i love love love Maxwell House Suisse mocha’s! It is the perfect blend of sweet caffinated goodness mixed with warm Silk soy milk.

On the days i do want coffee because nothing else is strong enough i make my Caramel vanilla latte. I jazz it up with some whipped cream & caramel sauce, dose the trick everytime.

I usually drink this in shakes but I haven’t had shakes since we are supposed to be in “winter” (not with 75° weather we aren’t. Hints the ” ” marks.). This is from “It Works” & its called Greens. See that glass? There is an entire days worth of veggies in it. No need to have a V8!

Theres just something about lemons I love. They smell good, they taste good, they even clean good. It’s like a 1 fruit wrecking crew, thatb makes my taste buds happy. Lemon tea is also ago to year around.

I’ve tried a ton, ok maybe not a ton but a lot of tea’s in my day. I was so happy when I found Yogi Tea’s. I love that a tea has the power to change my (unruly) moods. I have trouble sleeping and I don’t like taking a sleeping pill every night but 1 cup of the honey lavender (the bedtime yoga helps too) tea & I can curl up in bed unstressed and relaxed ready for dream land.

After a long hard day there is nothing better (obviously by the picture) than a Peach Margarita in my book. These are usually shared with great company, which helps shake off the day too.

A few years ago i went with my best friend to her hometown of New York. We did a wine tasting at a few of the wineries in the fingerlakes. I tasted the Brambleberry wine from the Hazlet winery and at that very moment those fermented grapes hit my tongue, I was in love! I like sweet wines, like dessert wines and this I’ll always love.

What’s in your glass?


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19 Responses to What’s In Your Glass?

  1. Kelsie says:

    That peach margarita looks super good right about now!! I think that teachers need one extra day off each week ha!
    Kelsie recently posted..A Moment with Erin: When Loving is HardMy Profile

  2. Jen says:

    Right now, my glass is filled with coffee lol! I wouldn’t be able to function without it…& a lot of it. I think I may need to look into that Yogi tea – I often have a hard time sleeping (I’ve been an insomniac since childhood). I think this evening around the fire, there will be some bourbon in my glass 😉 If you like sweet wines, check out Chateau St. Michelle Riesling. Inexpensive (we pick it up for $7/bottle at Costco) & refreshingly sweet.

    • Leslie says:

      Oh, I’ll have to try that! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pick up a bottle or 3 tomorrow since I’m going to a chili cook off at a friend’s house. I love coffee too, it & I are also best friends.

  3. Shann Eva says:

    Yum! That wine sounds awesome. I will have to try that Yogi Tea. I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night, and I usually take Melatonin, but sometimes it doesn’t do the trick by itself. I could go for one of those margaritas too 🙂
    Shann Eva recently posted..Current Favorites FridayMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      Haha, have you a Margarita, you’ve been working hard and doing some amazing things! I’ve tried melatonin but I wake up at 3 am wide awake. I hope you & the kiddo’s are having a great Friday!

  4. Ashley says:

    These all sound fantastic! I usually drink Sleepy Time Celestial Tea at bedtime, but I might have to check out the Calming tea. Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley recently posted..Friday Foodie: JumbalayaMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      My brother and his girlfriend love the Sleepy Time Celestial tea. I’ve tried it once lol they won’t let me borrow too many bags so I can’t tell if I want to get a box or not. Happy friday!

  5. Cori says:

    Yummy! My preference is my espresso with a teaspoon of powdered sugar (dissolves better!) and chocolate cashew milk.

    • Leslie says:

      Oh my gosh! I’m going to have to try this tomorrow. I’ve never thought of putting powdered sugar or chocolate milk in mine! Something tells me I’m going to love it, thanks for sharing! Happy friday!

  6. I love that coffee mug! It’s especially fun that it kind of matches the pattern of your blanket!
    Heather @ Simply Save recently posted..Simply Save Week In Review: 1/2-1/8My Profile

    • Leslie says:

      This mug is great! I have totally fallen in love with it, it’s always in my hand. Hah, I didn’t notice that, it does sort of match my blanket. Happy friday!

  7. Amber says:

    Well, now I want a drink. I love tea!
    Amber recently posted..That Time Our Base Housing House Almost Caught On FireMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      I’m having a glass of Earl Gray right now, hah. My throat feels a little scratchy & wouldn’t ya know, I have to work saturday. Happy Friday!

  8. Christine says:

    I’m a tea girl to the core. Straight up peppermint, a good strong green, and ginger are my faves. Can’t live without it!

  9. Cyndi says:

    I’ve been all water this week! I’m trying to kick the sugar as much as possible and over the holiday sugary drinks were my kryptonite.
    Cyndi recently posted..How to Avoid a Phone CatastropheMy Profile

  10. I’m a huge tea drinker and the I love lemon is currently one of my personal favorites. I’m fighting a cold so lemon has been my friend.
    I need to try that days worth of green in a cup. Where do you get “it works”? And yes I get it it’s been like 60+ degrees all week..way to go Texas doing winter right lol
    I’ve never had a peach margarita I have had a peach margarita and it was awesome!
    Dia @ All The Things I Do recently posted..Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareilles Book ReviewMy Profile

  11. I love Gypsy Cold Care Tea by Traditional Medicinals. It’s good enough to drink when you aren’t sick. Mostly, I love hot drinks, so I switch between coffee and tea throughout the day.

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