That Time I Was In A Tornado

When I was 3 my family was struck by Mother Nature, in the worst kind of way. At that time my dad worked 3rd shift so he’d get home in time to say “have a nice day” while my brother & I headed out for school.

The early morning of November 28, 1988 1:40am everything we had vanished. My mom, brother, & I were hit by a tornado. Since my brother & I were only 3 years old the memories are fuzzy but we do remember a little. I was in the bedroom with my mom and the lights went out then all I heard was my brother crying. Mom told me to sit on the bed and she was going to get Kevin. I heard this loud sound I’d never heard before and that was it. The tornado only hit our house in our neighborhood then touched down again half a mile down the road. This was our home afterwards, that’s what a 1,500sq house and a garage looks like after an F4 tornado.

Miraculously non of us got critically injured. My mom got a few scratches on her knees, Kevin broke his collar bone, & I was missing half the skin on my face. Even though Kevin & I weren’t in the same room we did get found together. We were both beside each other at the corner of the garage.

News paper clipping of my dad & brother.

I didn’t want to gross anyone out so I added this photo a couple months after the tornado. For 3 weeks the doc’s stubbed my skin with steel wool pads and used this cream so I wouldn’t have scars. You can still see the scabs on my face. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Something scratched my face so bad the skin was gone almost to the bone. The great nurses at Duke hospital took great are of me though. Although I can’t feel the left side of my face I’ve only got a half moon shaped scare beside my left eye.

Kevin hanging out. Check out that couch huh! This was the weekend after the tornado. You can still see his bruises but at least he was happy.

My mom can’t talk about this night without crying her eyeballs out. Which now I understand. My dad tears up too, which hardly ever happens, but again, I understand why. I thank God everyday that I get another day, another breathe, and everything I have.


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