Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What are your favorite things to do on a lazy day?

I love to lay around with my cup of coffee and watch criminal dramas. It might sound weird but I also love to bake. It might be bread, muffins, or truffles. Baking relaxes me, I just love it.

2. What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I know I’m an adult but I still love to watch cartoons. I like the older cartoons like The PowerPuff Girls. Yes, yes I know. I didn’t know if I should’ve let this out. I probably should’ve said The I.D Network, Oxygen, or W.E. I do love those too & I don’t always spend hours watching The Powerpuff Girls.

3. What is your favorite road trip music?

Upbeat! The last thing I want is some sad song ruining my mood on the way to where I want to go. Especially if I’ve taken the time to plan a trip. I do things on the fly a lot too. That’s more of a downfall from time to time & not always too well thought out. Like going to the beach on the first beautifulest weekend in the summer. Yeaaaaaah…

4. What are your favorite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around?

I love reading Country Living & Home & Garden mags when I’m laying around. I might read a book if it’s a rainy day, there is no other way to treat a rainy day.



5. What is your favorite snack?

My favorite snack is frozen yogurt. Yum! I love it. I get sugar free vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, granola, and almond slivers. My obsession started last summer & I can’t get enough now. My favorite place to go is called “Sweet Frogs”, If your in or around Raleigh then I suggest you go. The colors are bright and cheery, perfect for the distraction of this crappy weather and snow.



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19 Responses to Sunday Social

  1. Savanna says:

    I love a good cup of coffee and some criminal minds. Road trips… I really enjoy talking road trips and just watching the scenery with some good music. I don’t get to do that so much anymore but some of my best times have been on one.
    Savanna recently posted..Not Quite Silent SundayMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      I love looking at scenery too, even if it’s around here. I’m usually driving so I’ve gotta focus but yeah. I haven’t taken a road trip since New York lady year. Ugho, now the wheels are turning!

  2. Jessica says:

    I love the PowerPuff Girls too! I was so excited to see it was on Netflix and now my boys love it too. No shame!

    Thanks for stopping by Daftly Domestic today. Happy weekend!

  3. Sharrel says:

    I love Frozen Yoghurt as well. It’s so yummy! Last time i had one with walnuts & mandarin. It was delicious! And i love the power puff girls! I was a big fan of them when i was younger! Great post! I’m following you on bloglovin.


  4. I love frozen yogurt too! There’s a Pinkberry close by and I am a regular!
    Wendy@BlushandBarbells recently posted..Sunday SocialMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      Girl, me & the boyfriend had some Sweet Frogs after dinner tonight. He almost broke his neck when I was like ” want some sweet frogs?” He was already at the door, hah. I hope you & your family have had a great weekend!

  5. Cheriese says:

    Criminal Dramas are awesome!!
    Baking relaxes me too!
    I don’t think I’ve ever watched Powerpuff Girls, even when I was little lol but I think it’s super sweet that you love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog xx
    Cheriese recently posted..Sunday SocialMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      Haha, I’ve now got the boyfriend loving the crime dramas too. I don’t see how people can say baking stresses them out! Plus there’s a good batch of something sweet, so it’s a win win. I hope you’ve had a great Sunday.

  6. FROYO!!! Yes! Nothing beats that, especially when you add in all of the yummy toppings. I also enjoy baking when I have time. I love the ID channel it’s so intriguing and weird, ha. Have you ever watched “Obsession: Deadly Desires”? It comes on Tuesdays at 10PM, it’s crazy, check out sometime. If you like criminal dramas and the Investigation Discovery Channel, you would probably like the show. XOXO

  7. victoria says:

    i love to bake,too!!

    frozen yogurt,my newest addiction! we have a couple Menchies in chicago so i frequent that 🙂

    cute blog!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    victoria recently posted..sunday socialMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      We have a Menchies here too but I’ve never been, the lady at Sweet Frog’s spoils us, I think that’s a sign we go in too much. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. My daughters have just discovered The Powerpuff girls thanks to Netflix and they are hooked, which is good because I like them too ;). The only problem is that it’s hard to find them Christmas gifts from their favorite series because it’s an older show!
    Celeste@LeapfrogandLipgloss recently posted..Sunday Shorts for 2/16My Profile

  9. Nadine says:

    Frozen Yogurt sounds amazing right now! mmmmm!

    I love the crime dramas too! Law and Order SVU, Grimm, Scandal, count me in!

  10. Sinea Pies says:

    Coffee is totally number one for me.
    I think I’m revisiting my childhood (or perhaps my children’s childhoods) on this one but I have rediscovered Full House and am loving every rerun.
    Snacks? Pita chips 🙂
    Sinea Pies recently posted..Boost Your Post PartyMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      Yum! Pita chips are awesome too. I watch Full house at night while falling asleep. The chinchilla likes to watch tv while I sleep, I think he was spoild too much as a baby. Haha

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