Stop it… Just stop it

I do not think I need to remind everyone it is Friday. Which makes me totally giddy because for almost everyone who isn’t me – you have off on Saturday. Normally I work 3 Saturdays in a row but this Saturday will be the 4th Saturday & another 2 more to go until I get a weekend off. I told ya that to tell ya this. Friday is a time of amazing awesomeness because you will soon have 48 hours & some change to do family things, business things, childish things, or things you don’t want to do at all. So I’m here to say stop it.. Just stop it!

Stop.. Being so cute who ever’s dogs you are..

Stop.. Having mental break downs. It’s Friday!

Stop…& order me this for my birthday! Out of all the season, why are they just making this now?!

Stop… To look how freakishly cool a Inari Fox is. Don’t you just want to squeeze him.

Stop…& give hugs

I hope this made you either giggle, say “Aww”, or delighted you deep down. It’s Friday! All of these gems were found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest & now you see why! I hope everyone has a great day & remember to stop it! :)


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13 Responses to Stop it… Just stop it

  1. I’ll end my breakdown when I walk out these doors at the end of the day :) Happy Friday!
    Kate recently posted..Escape to the moviesMy Profile

  2. That first picture is hilarious! The dog shaming type photos are always hilarious.
    Betsy recently posted..Fage Split CupsMy Profile

  3. Are the dogs really in the corner omg that was too funny. Stopping over from SITS

  4. funny post, love the nervous breakdown pic, and so true to everything :)
    annu recently posted..Winter Fresh by Dandelion Dust DesignsMy Profile

  5. So were you giddy about the weekend that we were getting, while you had to work? You’re so nice :)
    I can’t imagine ever getting my dog to sit and stay in corner; that was impressive! Hope you at least have tomorrow off :D
    TriGirl recently posted..Happy Anniversary to ME and a Giveaway for YOU!!My Profile

    • I wouldn’t know where to start with making my dog listen either. All he listens for is someone opening food, haha. Hopefully I’ll finish Christmas shopping tomorrow. Even though your going to work I hope you have a great day!

  6. You are right, that Inari Fox is freakishly cool! Thanks for sharing now!
    Michelle Liew recently posted..Finding serene dovesMy Profile

  7. working on the weekend is no bueno when everyone around you is having fun :(
    BlushandBarbells recently posted..Manicure Monday – Striped NailsMy Profile

    • Yeah, it does suck. A girl quit so all of us are rotating schedules. So i’ll be working 8-5 Monday – Friday & only 1 Saturday a month. So i’m pretty excited about that! I hope you’ve had a great day!

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