{Sunday Confessions}

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up on Alyx’s blog with other awesome bloggers spilling it for their weekly confessions.. So here is what I must confess this week.

I confess…

• Thursday I over ate & retired into my yoga pants at 4pm & i burped turkey & stuffing all afternoon. {ha,gross. Sorry}

• The name of my blog is The Crafty Side of Sarcasm but I write about everything. A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that = me. {I’ve got really good stuff coming up}

• I’ve been thinking about doing a group giveaway with the Valentines day theme for awhile now. If your interested in donating a prize please leave me a comment & I will happily email you!

• I didn’t get excited about Black Friday shopping this year. Hmmp.. Maybe because I was over stuffed & working?

• I’m jealous of my brother from time to time for his ability to come across things at the perfect time! He saved $750 on a new bass guitar! Grr.. 😉 your right, I should punch him in the toe.

• Even though I’ve been a .com through WordPress for about 2 months now I JUST downloaded the WP app for my phone. I don’t know why I didn’t sooner, I love it. Since my computer won’t let me log in my wp account! Slack.

What do you have to confess… Or am I the only 1?

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone!



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    Oh I am so glad we do not have black friday in Europe, I was thinking about two online deals but in the end I didn’t go for it and done regret it. There is no way I would ever fight my way through a crowd just for a discount, you can ALWAYS find discounts if you know how to look.

    Nothing wrong with yoga pants at 4pm.
    Celeste recently posted..Sunday ConfessionsMy Profile

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    I also over-ate on Thursday, but it was SO worth it. When I got home from the inlaws about 6ish, I totally got into some pajama pants too. Nothing wrong with that!

    Oh and I’ve been on wordpress since I started my blog in June and I have yet to use the wordpress app. I have it, but never actually like, activated it, yet.
    Madison recently posted..Confession TimeMy Profile

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    I love the WordPress app. I seriously use it more than any other app on my phone (well.. except for email). I often start drafting blog posts when I’m riding the subway, and I’ve found it’s great for that. I don’t usually publish straight from the phone because it’s easier to wait until I’m at a full blown keyboard but it’s great for just jotting down those thoughts I want to make into a post when I’m on the go… Plus, since I have my comments set to moderate the first time they post, I often have to approve comments and when it’s an app on my phone, I can stay super on top of it.
    nikkiana recently posted..Why I Went Shopping at 3 in the Morning on Black FridayMy Profile

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