Pet Peeves

I myself know I do/say some pretty annoying dumb things at times. I try not to have a lot of pet peeves because they sometimes involve other people & as the saying goes “nobody is perfect”. I’m more than sure I get on my brother’s last nerve, my parents, & possibly the boyfriends too but he hides it better than my family members, who have no problem telling me how they really feel.

Tele-markers – I’m never interested in what they have to say. Use to when I was around my cousins & they were smaller I’d answer then quickly hand the phone over to the smallest and tell her it was Santa’s elf.

No signal users – I want to say that is how people get hurt. If someone happens to be in your blind spot and you decide to scoot over a lane the person in your blind spot doesn’t know until they’ve almost been hit & their blood pressure is up.

Know it alls – Zip it! They don’t know everything. They may know everything about their life & what works for them but not everyone else. Here is the thing, we aren’t all made of the same cookie cutter.

Last worders – These people should pick their battles, they’d have more friends. There’s a power struggle there that someone might need to address.

Problem makers – There could be the easiest task on this planet and this person is going to complicate things for absolutely no reason. My theory is that this type of person likes the sound of their own voice.

Nose blowers – Don’t get me wrong this is a daily bodily function but I don’t think it needs to be done while eating. I’m glad you’ve finished your meal and I hope it was lovely but I don’t care to hear the innerards of your nose coming out while I’m trying to enjoy my lovely meal.

The Stare Downers – What are you looking at. Are you trying to stand perfectly still as if you can’t be seen?

Those are a few in detail that just bother me. Other things are:

• Dirty bathrooms
• Wet money (you know the kind. During the summer especially. Accumulating that ocean water or butt sweat. Eeek!)
• People who sing when they can’t (bless your heart!)

That’s about it for me. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my peeves. I know we’ve all done a few of these from time to time but it’s the repeat offenders that irk me. My mom has a few weird pet peeves. She doesn’t like the sound if someone crunching, like when eating cereal or chips. We can’t really pick in her because she doesn’t eat chips or cereal.

Do we share the same pet peeves? Hopefully mine aren’t too bad.

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27 Responses to Pet Peeves

  1. Savvy says:

    Somewhere I started a list of pet peeves, but I have no idea where I put it at the moment. The first things that come to mind this a.m. – people who lie (I work with someone who makes lying or exaggerating a daily habit) and those robo calls. Have a great Wednesday!

    • Leslie says:

      Oh I can’t believe I forgot about the liars. Oh yeah and that’s a big one. Girl I’ve had some of these people look me in my face and lie to me. They knew and I knew it was a lie, so terrible. Hah, those robo calls are the worst. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. Jenn says:

    Your first 5 are dead on for me, too! I hate people who make problems out of nothing….and they are usually the know-it-alls, too haha
    Jenn recently posted..Blogtober Day 22: Pet PeevesMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      It irks me so bad. Haha I’ve actually had to listen to someone tell the lady who’s been here for 25+ years how to do her job, this girl has been working with the company for 3 weeks. Girl, have a seat. Haha. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Julie says:

    Ewww to the wet money! Sooo gross! I always hated that when I worked retail. Another gross one was when people would reach into their bra to pull out money. Ugghhhh!
    Julie recently posted..BLOGTOBER | My pet peevesMy Profile

    • Leslie says:

      Ew! I forgot about the bra pullers. Haha, it takes all kinds of kinds. My best friend use to be like that and the cashiers would look at her so funny in disgusted. Hah. I hope your having a great Wednesday!

  4. I agree! All of these can be so annoying! That’s so funny about the tele-marketers :O Santa’s elf using the telephone, they are getting better at technology clearly ;P
    Charlotte Smart recently posted..BlogtoberMy Profile

  5. Stella Lee says:

    For me this week (because my pet peeves change quite regularly) its captcha codes, just let me post my comment already.
    Stella Lee recently posted..Meet the familyMy Profile

  6. I would have to agree with ALL of these! I have wet money, too! Ew! I hate handling dry money, too… money is just yucky (unless its in my savings account! lol). One that I would add to this list is I hate fake people. Oh, and friends that are impossible to make plans with and cancel at least 3 times before you actually meet up. It makes me feel like I’m not all that important to them. Ok, done. 🙂
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom recently posted..I’m Co-Hosting at Fluster’s Creative Muster Link Party!My Profile

  7. Diana says:

    Ugh I HATTTEEEEE the people that stare. I get it, I look different or you like what you see or maybe you have some reason to stare. We all do, but COME ON, does your stare need to last a solid 60 seconds?! Snap out of it!!!

    Found you through the linkup – so excited to find a new fun blog!!! 🙂
    Diana recently posted..Lacking styleMy Profile

  8. Sadly I see more non-signal users than signal users. Come on people!!
    The Southern Thing recently posted..The State Fair of Texas Made Me a TexanMy Profile

  9. I dont like problem makers as well
    zaby @ Zaby’s Perspective recently posted..PatienceMy Profile

  10. Daisy says:

    I hate know-it-alls anyway but when they have NO IDEA what they’re talking about, I want to kick them so hard lol
    Daisy recently posted..Blogtober Day 22 & Nashville Part 3My Profile

  11. Sarah says:

    Problem makers! These types make my head want to explode. I was going to write a post about it the other day with a specific person in mind but didn’t, maybe I still will and tie it into a pet peeves post!

    Sarah xo

  12. Dee says:

    Elves? That’s a great solution! I used to hate the sound of crunching/chewing, and now one of my kids has the same pet peeve. 🙂
    Dee recently posted..Checking Out the Year’s Hottest Toys, Including the New VTech SmartwatchMy Profile

  13. Bobbi says:

    We do share a lot of the same pet peeves 🙂 I have a lot of pet peeves, unfortunately ;(

    Let me add one that is at the top of the list…I have many more, but I’ll hold my tongue.

    Gum smackers!! Ugh!

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest in public…LOL
    Bobbi recently posted..Cowboy CasseroleMy Profile

  14. Savanna says:

    I agree on all accounts! The turn signal gets me everytime!! Being late is my biggest pet peeve!
    Savanna recently posted..What is the pre-op diet?My Profile

  15. Alice Megan says:

    I agree with so many of these! I hate the know it alls and the last worders just irritate the hell out of me
    Alice Megan recently posted..Quotable Books #6 – Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsMy Profile

  16. Rachel says:

    Egomaniacs- Get over yourself! lol, and, yes, I married one. But he makes up for it in so many ways. And I let him know its annoying. I once told him that I think he fell in love with me because I refuse to make his ego any bigger, LOL.
    Rachel recently posted..Simple Bracelet TutorialMy Profile

  17. Kate says:

    I get so grossed out by nose blowers in enclosed spaces like the bus. Ew!!
    Kate recently posted..Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?My Profile

  18. Mrs. AOK says:

    Ohhh you have some great ones listed. I’m working on my son… he’s become a bit of a last worder…. {shakes head} we’re fixing that…
    I’ll raise your wet money… how about wet socks! I cannot stand wearing a nice pair of comfy socks, and then step in a puddle of once frozen ice that fell from the fridge that NOBODY bothered to pick up. Laziness is another one, umm you saw the ice fall or heard it, pick it up.
    Happy SITSBlogging Saturday!
    Mrs. AOK recently posted..Thank You Notes {1}My Profile

  19. Cat says:

    Couldn’t agree more with all of these! I also would like to add those people who need to barge onto public transport – as a London commuter you’d think I’d be used to it but it STILL makes me question humanity…
    Cat recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #51: On Paleo Desserts…My Profile

  20. Amber says:

    Yup. I agree with a lot of this. Especially dirty bathrooms. They scare me. *Shudders*
    Amber recently posted..6 Ways My Son Is Like Sheldon From The Big Bang TheoryMy Profile

  21. Laina Turner says:

    I share some of those too.
    Laina Turner recently posted..What’s In My ClosetMy Profile

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