{Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Review}

I’ve been wanting to try this since i’ve taken off my gel nails. I like to give my nails a break from time to time, if you’ve had gels you know they’re horrible for on your real nails. I like to keep some sort of color on my nails because if not they make me sad. I love color and i came across this one called “Moonstone” ile mom & i were out shopping. I couldn’t help myself so i picked it up. I’m actually pleased with the results.

The kit has 3 steps but one step is just to clean the gel color & the applicator brushes.

First you apply the applicator. Enough so that it’s shiny but definitly avoid getting it on your fingers & cuticles. Then follow directly with the gel color. After you apply the first coat go over with a second coat. Don’t allow the first coat to dry before ya add your second coat. Then put your “cleaning” brush in your gel color polish & your gel color polish brush in the cleaning bottle. Swish those little jokers around, this cleans both brushes so nothing gets gross and hard because of the applicator.

Then TADA! There you have it. See where i said DO NOT GET THE APPLICATOR POLISH ON YOUR CUTICLES & YOUR FINGERS? Yup, that’s why they look a little terrible. I tried my best to use a q-tip to get the remence off my cuticles and fingers but thats a NO GO. I got a little off but this is why it states in the instructions to steer clear of doing so. Now i see why.

I love the color and i will be more careful next time. I was excited to try it. I’m like a little kid when i get something new. Pff, who isn’t? So if your thinking of trying this or something like this gel color polish i think it’s a go.



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