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I was thinking to myself on Christmas Eve what a great Christmas this year has been watching everyone tear the festive holiday wrapping from the box they were given. I like to people watch and that doesn’t stop with my family, I noticed all the smiles, giggles, & yes the fashion. The ladies and gentleman in my family have great fashion sense. I sat there with my glass of moscato and then it hit me! I need {want} a new pair of cute boots. I love the winter time because you can dress in layers & wear cute boots!

I got an email from JustFab.com & I knew I was going to open it & look because it said “$20 off your first purchase”. Once I clicked the link I was brought to my own personal wonderland! There’s jewelry starting at $9.99, $25 steals {you get them for $25 & not full price when ya add them to your order}, & you get your own personal stylist! just answer a few questions & they pick whats best for you at no charge. This was perfect because I got a pair of boots for $19.99! The shipping was free & I automatically got $20 off because it was my first purchase.

You want to see these beauties ya say? Take a peek! I can’t wait to get them, there is a cream sweater dress & a pair of black leggings I’m going to pair them with. If ya can’t tell I’m super excited about them! I like things that are a little different & these were perfect! If you want these you can click the picture to be taken to the link.

Photo from JustFab.com

So if your looking for new shoes or accessories check out JustFab.com first to see what goodies you can find. Shopping is always fun but it’s better when you can save a little money, right?

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