I Want This…

Christmas is right around the color and I thought a post of “I want this” is in order. I’m not getting everything I want for Christmas because I’m not a millionaire but how fun is it to look at things & want them? Oh yeah, it’s one of my favorite past times. It’s a little like window shopping. So here is the {awesome} list of things I’d want…

I saw these and fell in love with them. They are regular everyday {not everyday but ya know what I mean} shoes made to look like ballet slippers! I know right!

I love a latte!

It is a mini projector for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. How cool would it be to relax & listen to music & watch the music video’s on my ceiling?

I loooove the plum!!! Oh oh oh!… Sorry, I got excited. How can ya not like this though? Or is it just me?

Yes please! I think these little guys are cute & would look perfect on my feeties at the beach house, no? {I’m not making fun of shark bites so please do not get upset if you’ve been grazed, nibbled, bitten, or eaten by a shark.}

I just fell in love! This would be perfect for a little color in a white & brown color schemed outfit, don’t ya think?

How awesome is that? I bet the sounds from the water are amazing. Stick a koi fish or two in there. I could totally take a nap on it.

This was pretty fun, I think I might turn this into a once a month thing & add a link up for whoever wanted to join me. Would you join me?

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    December 26, 2012 at 1:45pm

    i love that cute dress with the plum coat! :)

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