It’s OK Thursday!

Hi Thursday, you’ve arrived quickly, but hey that’s OK. Nothing really exciting has happen this week. Well, I take that back – Tuesday night my friend Hailey was put in the hospital & had her labor induced because her blood pressure was too high. The only bad thing about it is the little baby boy will be 10 weeks early. Prayers for Hailey & her little one please?

It’s OK that I yet again, have a cold! The guy I share an office with was sick on Monday and I came in on Tuesday and picked it up while he was out sick. If my body can find a germ oh it will. My boss calls me Petri as in “Petri Dish”.

It’s OK that I really want this bracelet! You can inscribe your own motto or message on the inside of the band. Oh and this one too. This one has water from Mt. Everest & mud from the Dead Sea. To inspire you to stay leveled.

It’s OK that I’ve decided to buy a house by early next year. I’m finished cleaning up my credit with everything being paid off, now to save. I’m so excited! I know it seems like so long from now but my savings account took a huge hit.

It’s OK that I’ve wiped my weekend clean for the next few weeks. Trying to save is never fun or easy but it has to be done, right?

It’s OK that I can’t believe it’s Thursday! This week has been flying by because I’m in the office by myself (see above), it’s all work and no play.

It’s OK that I ordered the 4th book in Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson books yesterday. I’m loving these books and I can not stop reading!

It’s OK that I haven’t done any yoga this week. It saddens me because it makes me feel so energized and I can actually feel it working on my muscles.

It’s OK to have a confession to make! As I said my coworker has been out this week & it’s been so busy I’ve been to bojangles three this week already, I’m definitely not going to keep off the weight I lost that way huh? No more! … But it is right across the street & there is never any traffic crossing the parking lot. 🙂

What’s OK with you this week?


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