New Years Goals & Resolutions for 2013!

That was fast! 2013 made its way by rather swiftly but I’m not complaining because it sucked! I found out I had ovarian cancer, got my heart broken, & you name it, yeah it pretty much happened..BUT.. All that is ok because hopefully I will thrive in 2013. We shall see. I’m joining Sarah & Andrea for their 13 resolutions for 2013.

Personal goals:
• To have a nice little chunk in my savings account by the end if 2013.
• Take a little more time for family & friends
• Learn a new hobby.. Like glass blowing or something a little less dangerous ok crocheting.
• To revamp the wardrobe – I’m tired of the same old stuff, time to kick it up a notch or 2. Never fear though the sweatpants & sweatshirts stay!
• Get organized! For someone who loves list making & notebook/journals I’m a mess! I need to stop being lazy & let my OCD kick in.
• Try things a little differently.
• To dive into the pastry world again. I forgot how bad I missed it. Funny, because when I was in school for it I was drained.

Blog land goals:
• To branch out & get noticed by more brands.
• To have at-least 3,000 Twitter followers at the end of the year.
• To grow my following on Pinterest & BlogLovin.
• to do at least 3 giveaways {if your interested in a group giveaway PLEASE tweet me @TheCraftySide}
• Making all ad spots free as a swap {if you grab my button [100×100 use code 100FREE, 200×100 use code: BIGFREE}
• To raise money for a cause I’m fond of.

I am so thankful for being here for 2012 & for all of the scars ive gotten from the lessons I’ve learned.

What are your goals / plans for 2013?



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      Ive never made resolutions before so i thought i’d try things different this year. See how that works out. Thanks for stopping by love! I hope you have an amazing 2013!

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    Happy New Year Nikki,
    Thanks for joining us on the blog hop! I really hope you are able to accomplish all your resolutions!
    Glass blowing is so much fun! You should definitely try it!!
    I’m now following you on twitter and pinterest, hoping to help you reach your goals of expanding :)
    Andrea recently posted..{13 Resolutions for 2013}My Profile

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      Hey love! Sorry I’m a little late on this reply! It’s been so busy around this way. I think people should go into hibernation like bears, hehe. I hope your having a great 2013!!!

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      I know I’m a little late on this reply but thanks for the inspiration love! I think 2013 will be a great year 😉 & your right! 13 is a lucky number. By the way, you’ve inspired me to check out my local {& not so local} thrift stores!

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    Hey Happy New Years! The goal of spending more time with family is very important. Sometimes life gets so busy with every day things that we find ourselves going too long with out seeing those who are most important.

    I found you on Blogaholic Network. Great post!
    Cindy recently posted..This thing called love….My Profile

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      Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I love my family & I’d love to see them more. It seems like I’m either working or sleeping to get up to go back to work lol

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