ABC’s Of Me

I was cruising around Voicebok a few days ago and found an entire group of ABC’s of me posts. I thought it was really neat so i made a post too.

A – Absolutely amazed – From what i see around me in this world & the people in it.
B – Banana nut bread – OMG I love it!
C – Carnation good start breakfast – I’m addicted to it! It keeps me full into the afternoon.
D – Daughter – I’m my mother’s only daughter. I’m actually the only girl on both sides of the fam.
E – Excited – Every day brings a new beginning.
F – Fall is my favorite season.
G – God – I love him.
H – Happy – I’m always in a good mood and nothing usually ruins it.
I – Italian food – nom nom nom, i love it!
J – Jumping in – I usually jump into anything head first without thinking.
K – Kevin – My twin brother’s name.
L – Loving – I love everyone. At first..
M – Marbles – I’ve totally lost them…all.
N – Nikki – That’s my name don’t wear it out ;) I couldn’t help it.
O – Open minded – I try to see the good in everything until im proved wrong.
P – Pink – This is my favorite color. I use to hate it when i was little though.
Q – Queen – I’m the queen of my domain. :) Or at least in my head i am.
R – Ruppert – He’s my chinchilla. I LOVE my furbaby.
S – School – Pastry Arts graduate & thinking about Culinary Arts.
T – Twin – I have a twin brother {aka my womb mate}, he’s also my best friend.
U – Understanding – I understand life is different for everyone and i try to understand everyone.
V – Voice – I have one..and i use it..a lot :)
W – Winter – This is my 2nd favorite season. I love snow.
X – Xtreme – I love snowboarding & sky diving!
Y – Yesterday – I try to learn something from all my yesterday’s.
Z – Zzzz – i love to sleep. I sometimes wake up thinking about being able to go back to sleep.


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