So your interested in sponsoring The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm, why should you, you ask? I am a blogger who writes about recipes, adventures, crafts, & whatever life throws at me. The readers here are loyal & awesome. They make me feel like they believe in me & my writing.

I’ve devised a few spaces that are limited so readers won’t have a ton of ads to look at & the site won’t be cluttered. Each ad space comes with it’s own little perk. I’m growing & stretching out the blog & I love it.

So I’d like to invite you to pick a spot that works for you. I’d love to have you sit back & hang out on my blog for a month while I promote you through the various outlets you choose with the package.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at TheCraftySideOfSarcasm[@]gmail[dot]com

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Updated 08/01/14
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PR Post
If your interested in publishing a post on The Crafty Side Of Sarcasm the fee is $60 per post.

There are a few guidelines to follow:
• Content has to be friendly {no nudity}
• There are no minimum or maximum words to this post.
• I agree to promote the post on Twitter, BlogLovin, & Pinterest. Even as an archived post

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