Why Don’t I Own This Already!?

Bird smoke alarm
Any loud noise makes me instantly angry, I’ve always been like that. It makes me nervous and I don’t like it. So how cool would it be to have a bird chirping fire alarm? Umm, yeah!


Pencil Printer
I think this is a really cool concept. This is going to sound weird and I know your going to judge me but I love the way pencils smell…..& there it is.. The judgement.


Roller guard
I’m constantly pulling off medicine labels every month. This would be so awesome, no more wasted time (thinking someone wants to steal my birth control RX #), & no more broken fingernails.


This little nook
If I had a little place like this then is never leave it!


Beast mode
Belle is my favorite princess.


Firefly light
How pretty is that?! It look so serene & I think I need it in my life.


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Fall on the Coast of North Carolina

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, people in North Carolina are turning away from thoughts of swimming and hiking and to thoughts of football, pumpkin pie, apple cider and cranberry sauce. For those who live on North Carolina’s expansive coastline, thoughts are also turning from activities on the water to activities by the water as temperatures drop slightly and the weather turns milder. As you are considering ways to enjoy the cooler temperatures of fall in coastal North Carolina, consider these popular activities.

S’Mores Over the Fire
Do you have an outdoor fire pit? Build a fire, grab some marshmallows and some friends and start building s’mores while swapping stories. The waterfront backdrop lends itself well to evening campfires with friends and family, and the cooler temperatures of North Carolina’s fall will make the fire a welcome gathering place.

Grab Your Poles and Fish from the Docks
In the summer months, fishing in North Carolina is a popular activity. Sometimes the waterways can be crowded in the hot summer months, making fishing a challenge. As the vacation crowd starts to head home, fishing gets a little less stressful. The fish populations are abundant in the fall, and you can catch your dinner with ease from the dock or from a boat in coastal North Carolina.

Hit Some Golf Balls
North Carolina has many exceptional golf courses. Life in coastal North Carolina means access to many of these, and the location provides the added bonus of the beautiful coastal views that surround the course. Because of the mild temperatures in fall, it is one of the best times to play a round of two of golf.

If you are looking for a community where you can enjoy these fall family activities, and more, consider Scotch Hall Preserve. This luxury community on the shores of the Albemarle Sound has everything you need for a relaxing fall getaway. Whether you relocate to the community permanently or use it as a second vacation home, you will find that the resort lifestyle and the mild, comfortable weather of coastal North Carolina make it the ideal getaway destination.

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Beverly & Gloria from Across The Boulevard! I’m excited that Christmas is coming, it is one of my favorite holidays. This year I think i’ll make everyone an ornament & These are so cute!

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Making Molds: Smile Brilliant

I was so excited when Smile Brilliant asked if I’d be interested in trying their teeth whiting system. I have really sensitive teeth but I didn’t want the opportunity to pass so I thought quick and got the go ahead for the boyfriend to try them. He was very excited that he gets to try the kit & that I included him in my blogging ventures.

We opened the package and looked at each other for a second. Directions, who needs directions?! We did.. So as I’m reading he’s taking everything in, after all we are making the molds of his teeth. After I was finished reading we quickly answered all the questions he had through the FAQ then were on our way to making his molds.

This is what the kit contained:

The directions are so easy to follow which made everything run smooth.

Matthew making his mold.

How the mold turned out after the 2 minute hold.

Even Ramsey decided to stick around and watch the process. By the looks of things watching this 5 minute task was too much for him, now he’s exhausted.

Once the molds have hardened, which we let them overnight but it only needs a couple minutes. We wanted to make sure we didn’t mess them up. I slipped them in the prepaid bubble envelope and dropped them at the post office. I’ve done some pretty easy things but this was by far the simplest thing I’ve done in awhile. I’ll do an update once he’s finished with the whitening treatment.

Smile Brilliant is also generous enough to give me a coupon code for you guys! You can save 5% using code chappell5 Through December 15th. These would make a great one stop shop gift for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

A Day At The Biltmore Estate

It has been a busy couple of months & dad has been sick which means mom has been stressed out. I was going to wait until Christmas but with everything going on I thought she needed a break from things for a few days.

I decided to give her the Christmas present I got her early this year. She’s wanted to go to the Biltmore Estate for a few years now but she wanted to go during Christmas to see the lights and Christmas trees. Mr. Vanderbilt II was determined to give his wife everything she could’ve wanted. It took him 20 years to build the entire house structured with 68 fireplaces. You could walk in each one of these fireplaces and each had 2 beautifully lit Christmas trees beside them. No room was decorated the same.

I took a few photos inside the estate until a lady with a scowl on her face and a wallow talkie said “I’m sorry miss but there are no photos to be taken inside the estate”. I didn’t want to get us kicked out so I didn’t take anymore inside when she told me to stop. What I missed was the 2nd half of the library, the smoking room, the bowling alley, the Halloween room (creepy), and the entire downstairs with the kitchen, baking room, pantries, freezer, & the servants quarters.

I thought about breaking this into 3 posts but I think I’ll pull the pictures that have multiples of one place because this place was extraordinary & I want you to see everything in one sitting. So please excuse the load time. If it’s too long will someone please tell me & I’ll break up the post.

The way in

Biltmore Estate

Winter Room

The amazing library

Main dining hall Christmas tree

Sitting room fireplace & Christmas tree

Game room

The Patio & view

The flower garden & my favorite room! The orchid room.