Let It Be Light

I’m a renter so I can’t really do everything I’d like to do in my place. Anyone that knows me knows I love all things unique and different. That being said I don’t hide that when I’m decorating either. I think independence is what makes you a person.

I was sitting around in my bedroom reading a book (The Peach Cobbler Murder by Joanne Fluke) when I noticed I needed a little more light than my bedside lamp was dispersing but I didn’t want to turn on the light to my ceiling fan (I was relaxing, I had my Gardenia candle light with my hot tea). I started thinking about how fun it would be to play with the lighting in my bedroom. I did a little search and I found Lighting Styles! As I was searching the easily navigated website I found the coolest light for the far corner of my bedroom.

Glycerine Long Drop Pendant

It’s so perfect! It gives the illusion of bubbles, who doesn’t love bubbles?! I could get around to he beach themed bedroom I’ve been thinking about.

Why not stop at my bedroom lighting. Every morning I get up to stroll into the bathroom to shower I hit my toe! I don’t turn on the hall light because I don’t want to wake Ruppert (the slumbering chinchilla), he’s grumpy when he gets woken up. I found these, I’d only need like two or three.

Up and Down Cut Plaster Wall Light

The kitchen could use a little piece of eye candy too. I love love love lanterns and Moroccan lanterns, they’re so pretty to me. So of course I’d do a few of these beauties in the kitchen.

White Metal Moroccan Lamp Pendant


Finding The Perfect Table

I love a great piece of furniture when I’m looking for pieces around my apartment. I love the look of oak though and I always have. It goes with everything!

I’m a sucker for a good looking table! I could set a lamp on it by the couch side or a table in the hall way beside the door with drawers and shelves that are functional for the area is be using it in. I also look to see what colors I can match with my oak tables. I like to switch it up during the seasons, it feels like a refresher. Everyone knows not all seasons bring the same emotions/feelings. I personally can’t wait for fall because summer has been pretty dreadful for me, personally.

I’ve hand picked a few tables I’ve got my eyes on. I have the perfect spot for all three of them!

Dorset Oak 1 Drawer Console Table

Dorset Oak 3 Door Sideboard

Dorset Oak 3 Drawer Bedside

Just Peachy

August is peach month! I love a sweet juicy peach and I’m also partial to its color. Peach is a subtle color that can add a huge pop to any room.

Peaches are also juicy and delicious! You might not like or love peaches and if not then it’s ok, but you’d be missing out on some southern yumminess. There’s something about different flavored with peaches that are so tempting to taste.

Here are things I think taste great with a peach

Peach Jalapeño Jam

Peach Crisp

Peach Pie Oatmeal cookies

Baked Peaches & Cream

Peach Caramels

Here are things I think look good in peach





The Guest Bedroom

I think guest rooms should still reflect the owners sense of personality. I myself love to play with different colors and textures. My bedroom is a subtle gray with white trim. I do really like the great with white trim as something I’d be ok with seeing everyday.

I think your guest room should still reflect you but also make your guest comfortable too. Which is why my guest room is gray with white trim too. I don’t run too far with different color schemes for this very reason. I know not everyone one is the same I like the neutral colors for wall paint rather than say a navy blue or a pale yellow. These colors are great if that’s what you’ve decided upon using though.

Hazel Ice King Size bed

I’m really loving this bedI like it because it looks comfy and because it would go with my colors. My bedroom is light gray with yellow accents so with the guest room I could easily do gray walls with either pastel pink or even a navy color scheme.

What colors would you choose for your guest room?

The Outdoor Kitchen: A Year-Round Love Affair

Outdoor cooking used to be a special event that took place just a few times yearly, but with innovative solutions for outdoor cooking becoming more and more popular, devotees of the flame can enjoy the signature flavors of outdoor cooking for everyday meals. These essential outdoor kitchen tools go far beyond the burger, giving you options for preparing a full menu of dishes so your love for fire-grilled flavor can burn brightly all year long.

Pizza Oven
Brick oven pizza has a highly distinctive profile, blending an airy yet crisp crust with perfectly melted cheese and toppings and a savory charred note that has made it a favorite around the world. Pizza ovens are so popular as elements of an outdoor kitchen because they are simple to install and fuel, with most powered by common charcoal or lightly flavored cooking woods such as beech or ash. A simple pizza dough made with water, flour, salt, yeast and oil along with generous applications of tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil and yield a quick and easy weeknight meal any time of year.

Quick meals on the grill will always have their appeal, but truly great outdoor meals typically come from a quality backyard smoker after a long afternoon of low, slow preparation. Smokers impart chops, fish, steaks and other foods with an unmistakable flavor by keeping the cooking temperatures well below 300 degrees, substituting the intensity of heat for a deliberate and thorough process.

The best fuel for an outdoor smoker is a mixture of charcoal briquettes and cooking woods, such as hickory or Applewood, as they provide even heating and depth of flavor. The wood chunks should be placed atop the charcoal fuel so that their flavor dominates. Smoking can take hours, or even overnight in the case of extremely hearty meats like brisket, but the results are addictively delicious and irresistibly tender and this low-maintenance cooking style is a good choice for colder months.

Earth Oven
Also known as a fire pit, this is one of the simplest pieces of outdoor kitchen equipment to build yourself as well as one of the most versatile. A fire pit allows direct cooking of foods like corn and potatoes when wrapped in foil and placed directly into the fire with tongs, indirect grilling with the addition of a rack over the flames, and even slow cooking methods with careful attention to time and temperature. Full tips are available here on building your own earth oven, but be sure to check your local laws for ordinances involving open flame.
Outdoor cooking is traditionally associated with summer holidays, but the staples of these gatherings are far too delicious to limit to a few times per year. Adding some outdoor kitchen equipment to your outdoor entertainment options not only gives you more options for hosting summer events, but can provide excellent change of pace meals on any day of the year.

Life-Sized: 5 Small Space Saving Storage Suggestions

Managing to fit your entire life and all your belongings into your home can sometimes prove a challenge, particularly if you have a smaller living space, a housemate or equipment intensive hobbies. Fortunately, most of the issues with space and storage in a home of any size stem from not using the existing space to its fullest potential. There are a number of surprisingly simple ways to increase the amount of available storage in your home, and many of them involve common household items.

Wall Storage
Vertical space is relatively unused in the typical home, and wall storage is a great way to take advantage of this hidden square footage in every home. Wall storage is an excellent idea for organizing smaller items such as kitchen utensils, books, office supplies, cleaning products or even shoes, and can be created by securely affixing metal or plastic baskets to the walls of storage-needy spaces.

Multi-hangers have space for not just one garment, but multiple pieces of clothing thanks to a system of secondary hanging racks. These hangers can commonly accommodate 5 or more pieces of clothing, freeing up valuable closet space for more clothes or large, bulky items that may rest on the floor.

Storage Baskets & Boxes
Storage baskets and boxes are sometimes seen as containers to just throw your bits and bobs into. Great at clearing out the clutter, but did you know they double as a functional yet stylish homeware? Find the right size and color to match your home décor and now your kids toys or spare blankets have a somewhere to go. If you’re after something fun, check out this bright and colouful range!

Doorway Shelves
The space above a doorway is another frequently overlooked opportunity for additional storage. Installing a sturdy shelf to hold a few items is a clever method of adding storage space to your home without sacrificing otherwise usable space.

Drawer Organizers
Nearly everyone has an impossibly cluttered drawer or two in their home, and these storage areas are a classic example of wasted space in areas where storage is often at a premium. Drawers can hold much more if the items are sorted properly, and so creating drawer organizers is a good way to increase their effective space. Drawer organizers can be made of practically anything depending on the shape and size of the items stored, including teacups, plastic food storage containers or even cereal boxes cut to size and decorated with wrapping paper.

There are countless ways to maximize the utility of a smaller space, and you can see this article for more storage ideas. Regardless of the listed dimensions of your living area, you can make it the right size for your life by employing some of these smart storage solutions for yourself.