Styling With Danai

I’m opening the blog to guest bloggers. This week I’m having Danai, she’s sharing her personal style tips with you guys. If your interested in doing a guest post with your niche please feel free to email me at TheCraftySideOfSarcasm[@]gmail[dot]com.


I am Danai from

So today I am guestblogging for Leslie (thank you Leslie!) & for you, her readers of course!

Since this is our first meet, I’d like to talk about something that is really me & maybe (probably) as well you… A different style!

Found ‘em Here: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Growing up you just wear what there is, you wear what your parents buy you or what used to be your sister’s, brother’s or cousin’s. As we grow older & I’d say reach about the age of 13/14, that’s when we really start thinking about what we look like (this counts for me, could be different for everybody of course). When we reach that moment, the thing we often tend to do, is to copy what others are wearing. Normal of course, since we live in groups & grow up with other people. But look at all the fun we can have experimenting with our looks.

Found it Here

Found it Here

Found it Here

What I am trying to tell you, is dare to be different, dare to be you.

We all have something that makes us who we are. Cherish it & use it!

Looks, Skills or whatever,

I believe we are all gifted somehow!

Lots of Love,


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Happy Easter

 photo 03BAA8D0-FAE5-48A7-8291-D832D345CE26_zps0ryagefk.jpg

It’s Easter! I love this time of year! It’s filled with family, egg hunts, baskets, & cute little baby bunnies & duckies.

Every year we watch the small ones of the family dye Easter eggs while the rest of us do our part to help cook, ran, & decorate. These are not chores that are given to each individual but an understanding from one another to help, leave the stress behind, & enjoy the day and what it means.

I hope everyone has a great Easter from my family to yours!

 photo 23611751-07B6-4FFA-A8BC-082D7E1F1B87_zps2fc3i70s.jpg

Tehehe! I couldn’t leave you guys without a cute bunny picture!


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Let’s Join The Gossip with Leeann

Hey there! My name is Leeann and I blog over at Join the Gossip. That’s me above…don’t worry I’m not naked. It’ll all make more sense in a few sentences ;) Today Leslie invited me to hang out with you guys. Since we don’t know each other yet, I’m not going to make you read a lot about me. Instead, I’ll give you a little peek at one of my favorite blogging topics, travel, with a bunch of pretty photos.

So back to that pic above. I recently went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise with stops in The Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk and I thought it may be fun to show you some of the sights. Here’s a few shots from the adventure!

Thanks for checking out my guest post – and thanks for having me, Leslie! Feel free to stop by my blog to say hi. I love making new friends!


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Doing Some Window Shopping

I decided to put myself on a spending freeze in April. That means I can only spend money on things I have to pay like my cellphone, car, insurance, rent, etc. I now see this was a horrible idea because it’s the changing of the seasons. If your a girl then you know what that means. It’s time to shed the winter clothes and pick out new clothes for spring and the new year. Since I can’t go shopping yet I can window shop. I will put them on the list so I’ll have a nice little collection when my freeze is over.

This is perfect for lounging around in. Plus the boyfriend tells me I’m weird, a lot. Secretly I think he likes it.

 photo EEB1CCF3-AD1F-4E6D-85EE-59A24D94D2B4_zpsxcvfeag7.jpg

This entire bedroom set & all the other things too. How pretty! I do have a white orchid in my room, so I’ve got that going for me.

 photo F8C5AAB3-0F17-4EA3-9568-005A9D4F21D1_zpskqh7sfbz.jpg

I just love this. How cute with the polka dots. I’m a sucker for polka dots.

 photo 5EC0AB38-146B-4452-8F25-6437145BA23A_zpsbp5e6rtf.jpg

*squeak* I love the top! This definitely made the wish list.

 photo 5501BA2B-DB5C-4663-B7AD-C59D81EEB7E3_zps8ilwlyfy.jpg

I threw these in because they remind me of Alice In Wonderland.

 photo 464051CB-7B7B-4A01-8C86-725F4038FB61_zpsrs9lr1db.jpg


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Sunday Social

I apologize that I’ve been absent lately. Since Spring has finally gotten here I’m trying to soak up sunlight & still get everything done. I work full time & go to school full time. It’s hard to throw in a social life too. I will get myself together since there is more day light! Until then just bare with me.

1. What was your best birthday?
Incase you don’t know, I’m a twin. All if my birthdays have been shared with my wombmate {{ Kevin }}. My parents made every birthday special but for our 8th birthday we each got a huge cake. The presents ranged from a go-cart, four wheeler, paintball guns & gear, & our own dirt track in our back yard. It was pretty awesome.

2. What was your best vacation?
My cousin and I spent a summer in West Palm Beach Florida. It was amazing but it rains everyday at 2:15 for like 5 minutes. We were 18 & 19 so we really didn’t care. We snorkeled, swam, bar tended, & had a blast for 4 months.

3. Best date you’ve ever been on?
I’m a really really shy person so I haven’t vermin a lot of dates especially one that was memorable.

I’d have to say my first date with my current boyfriend. We met on so we talked for 2 1/2 weeks before meeting. We met at Frankie’s {{ like a Dave & Buster’s }} & had so much fun we sat outside on a bench talking until everyone was long gone.

4. Best Movie(quality) you’ve seen?
I don’t watch a lot of movies. When I do they are usually action movies. Everyone likes watching things blow up right? Hmmm.. But as for what movie I’m not sure…

5. Best TV show ending of all time?
House. I love House & all his snarkie-ness. That’s ok, I can catch the season on Netflix or my DVD box set.


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Friday Confessions

Thank goodness everyone! We’ve made it to Friday. This week has been pretty dull. I had a stomach bug starting Tuesday night that lasted until last night. Yes, it sucked! For anyone who has it I suggest you go to Urgent care to get this magic pill. I was told your regular doctor won’t give it to you. I couldn’t see my regular doctor so I do t know. I don’t really care because I was told I’d feel better. So far….not yet.

I’ve got about 432,096,861 things in my brain right now. I’ve just got to figure out how to make all of these things happen.

I went out for lunch every day this week for lunch. I know! I know! Last week I was only off on Sunday. After working 6 days I didn’t want to do anything but relax.

I’ve watched entirely too much I.D network this week. As usual. That’s my go to channel when I get to watch tv.

I’m behind on my billing and coding classes. Don’t yell at me!

I haven’t been to the gym at all this week….or last week. I need to find a new time because at 5-6pm it’s too busy.

I can’t keep plants a live for very long but I’m going to try my hand at growing tomatoes & strawberries. Wish them luck, they’ll need it.

I think that’s all for this week…

Don’t forget to stop by the giveaway I’m hosting! You could win a $100 Target gift card. Click here to join in.


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Money saving tips: More Ways To Save

Over the last year I’ve been wanting to see my little savings account grow. This is a hard thing to do these days. I live by myself and all my bills are solely my responsibility. I don’t like missing work when I get sick because that’s time that could’ve been spent on overtime. I’m also trying to pay see debts that I’ve created for myself over the years, there is only 1 or 2 so I should be on my way to savings in no time. If your looking for ways to save check out a few ways that have helped me.

 photo A6ADA6DE-EAE9-4D65-8233-19545236444A_zpshigqmmu9.jpg


1. Every time you go shopping and pay with your debit card, ask for $5-$10 cash back. Put the money in a small box at home and deposit it to savings each time it reaches $50 or more. This small amount each shopping trip won’t affect your spending much, but having it out of your checking account, will keep you from spending it, when it could have easily gone into savings.

2. Each time you are shopping and decide not to purchase a special new top, or those cute shoes from the clearance rack, keep the resisted item’s price in mind, and transfer that amount to savings as soon as you get home. If you would have been able to find a way to make your budget work when making the extra purchase, you can just as easily make the budget happen by transferring the same amount to into your savings account. This is also a great thing to keep in mind while shopping, “would I rather have these shoes, or an extra twenty dollars in my savings account?”

3. Make envelopes for each bill & place your money inside each envelope at the end of every payday. The rest of the money can be saved or used as fun money. Don’t skimp on envelopes, this is what helps you get back on track.

4. When writing your purchases in your check register round up to the nearest dollar. This way you’ll never overdraft and the money you’ve saved at the end of the week can be put into your savings account.

5. Use coupons. You don’t have to go extreme Couponing but if you’ve got to buy a product anyway, saving a little on each item really adds up.

6. Plan your breakfast, lunch, & dinners around the weekly sales ads at your local
Grocery store. You’ve got to eat, right? Don’t eat out often, this really adds up. If you’d like to treat yourself – use the Passport app on your phone for restaurants.

7. Make a monthly budget to see where your money is being spent every month. Find your problem areas and then make a solution to fix it.

8. Do all of your errands together. Map out your route and attack. This saves has and time by limiting your trips around town.

I hope you find these helpful. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them too.


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