Music Makes The Day Go

I’m always listening to music, it doesn’t matter if I’m at work, if I’m working out, or in my car. Music makes my days to by so fast and especially when I’m working out. I just love it. I think (in my personal opinion) everyone should have at least one portable music player. After all wether your having a good day or a crappy day there is always that one song we all have that can transform our day. What is your song?

When your at the gym the sound of the music is everywhere between the sound of weights being lifted & sneakers on treadmills. Nothing helps you zone out more than your favorite genre of music while you achieve your psychical greatness. If you haven’t used an iPod before give it a try, it’ll make a difference in your workout.



When your driving along on road trips or up the street to the grocery store your music device can be streamed through your car speakers via Bluetooth. When you get where your going you can take it out and take it along with you. It makes chores a little more enjoyable.

Good Morning!

Good morning! The last 2 weeks have been insane! I’ve been squeezing in blog time and I don’t like it. This is an escape from the world, I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. Here is a rundown of how the week has played out this far.

As I said shared the adventure to Richmond here last weekend, we had a blast! If you get a chance you should go, you’d enjoy it. There are so many things to do and so many places to explore.


I house/dog sat all weekend for a coworker. I absolutely love her house! It’s about 100 years old with the awesome wood floors, columns, & quaint little kitchen. I just love laying on the chase beside the couch. I don’t even need the tv, it’s so relaxing.


At the beginning of the week I was hanging out with Ruppert (the chinchilla) & when putting him back in his cage I noticed he needs a little more. He needs to chew on things all the time so I thought I’d pick him up a straw mat that’ll do two things, he can chew on it and stand on it. He was super excited. He sleeps & watches tv on it.


I’ve decided to get my butt in gear and went to the craft store to get some supplies for my project (more to come on that later next week). While I was there I did pick out some pretty silk peony’s to brighten my room.


I know this may seem weird to be proud of but the boyfriends cats are starting to come around. They’ve never had anything to do with me and I’ve been hanging around just waiting. It finally happened Tuesday morning! Oxy & Ramsey got on the bed when I opened my eyes. Oxy is the more laid back of the two so I tried to pick him up and seceded! I was happy, he was not.


This is embarrassing and I can’t even believe I’m saying this… All of you runners & sprinters out there, I want to be able to! I can run for like 4 minutes then that’s all I’ve got. I know your laughing, it makes me giggle too. So to solve this problem I’ve downloaded an app to help me eat better & the “Couch to 5K” app. Hopefully I’ll be running in no time. Wish me luck!


Retro Repin Party

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our fun Retro Re-pin Party!! Thanks for joining us! This wouldn’t be a party without YOU and we appreciate everyone that pins and re-pins with us!

Retro Re-Pin Party

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The Crafty Side of Sarcasm

Our Richmond Virginia Weekend

I’ve been wanting to do a little traveling. I’m tired of seeing & doing the same thing day in & day out. I needed a break.. Of the fun kind. I was laying around on the couch watching “Homicide Hunter” (someone has to help Joe Kenda catch the killers!) when the idea hit me. “I want to go to Richmond!”. I discussed this idea with Matt & just like that I was booking the hotel (I get points on my credit card). We spent the weekend soaking up the scenery and trying not to scream our (ok my) lungs out on crazy roller coasters at Kings Dominion.

This post is picture heavy

Our plan was to leave at no later than 8am but we (ok again I) am always late so we left around 9:15. There was a soccer game Matt wanted to see & he’d already found an English pub to watch it. We arrived at 12:15, just in time to get settled in, order food, & watch the game start.


I was starving so I decided upon the French dip. Yes, it was as good as it looked.


After the game was over he paid the tab and we headed off to check out the scenery. We had a lot of things planned but as predicted all that went out the window. All of these places closed at 5pm & it was already 2:45pm & we’d be rushed, I really don’t like that. We decided to walk around and check out the scenery. This is what we saw!





We met this guy outside the doors of a restaurant. There were one on each side of the door. While reviewing the pictures I took at the hotel this one made me giggle. Look at it!


The street we were on had so many restaurants that conjured up so many smells & the views weren’t bad either.





After walking about 6 miles we decided to check into our hotel. The valet took the car and the keys which was fine with us. We checked in and went up to take a nap. After a 2 year slumber we woke up with hungry tummies. We went to Panera and got some grub. It was college move in day and we were right there at VCU so we decided to hit the busy night fall streets to see what Richmond had to offer when the sun went down. Given it was a college campus there wasn’t a lot to see. I did take this photo though, it’s my favorite of all the night time photos.


Sunday we spent the day at Kings Dominion. I didn’t get a lot of photos because I didn’t want to carry my camera around and risk loosing it but I did get a few.




We had a lot of fun, if you get the chance to visit Richmond Virginia then I suggest you go.

Vinyl wall arts – The best way to decorate your house

Thinking what should you do to change the look of your boring house décor? Think no more as with vinyl wall arts you can give your house a new look which will grab the eyeballs of all the people who will visit you place. Previously the whole idea of redecorating the house should to be so taxing and stressful that people used to redecorate their house once in, to be frank, several years.

But who likes to stay in the same house, surrounded by the same boring décor for so many years – exactly folks, no one. Hence people, including me, started to look for ways to redecorate their houses keeping in mind the fact that we do not want so much hassle while redecorating the house, right folks?

Why are people opting for vinyl wall arts?

In the recent times more and more people are shifting to vinyl wall arts, leaving their age old home decoration methods. The vinyl wall arts are becoming increasing popular with people all over the world and their demand is increasing day by day. This home decoration technique is proven to be very effective as well as very convenient for people to make it their obvious choice when they are thinking about changing the look of their houses.

You can get various types of vinyl wall art decals which can be of different sizes – large stickers to cover the entire wall of your room to small and very small art decals which you can stick with many other stickers on one part of your wall. Hence whether you have more space left on your walls or less space you can also stick up nursery theme decor for your kid’s room or tree wall art for living-room to make your home turns lively.



What are vinyl wall arts?

In simple words the vinyl wall arts are pictures, paintings and photographs of a wide variety of things and objects which you can apply on the walls of your house so as to change the look of the interior of the place. They are simple stickers and decals which are very easy to apply on walls and you can do the redecoration of your home in a neat and mess free way with the vinyl wall stickers.

Remember how we use to paste stickers anywhere and everywhere when we were kids? The same idea stands for the wall art stickers. These are basically stickers and decals having self adhesive quality which you can easily stick on the surface of the walls of your house and change the dull, boring look of your home in no time. Even with a few bright colored vinyl wall arts you house will look colorful, vibrant and pleasant and people will start noticing how good your place looks and thus it will reflect on your reputation and sense of living in a stylish way.

Vinyl wall arts is affordable to everyone

While discussing the increasing popularity of vinyl wall arts you must keep in mind about the monetary condition of every household. First and foremost we all are quite familiar about the downfall of the financial condition leading to recession, aren’t we?

In these times money has become the biggest constraints to most of us, if not all of us. In these hard times people are looking for reasonable and low priced options to decorate their new homes and redecorate their old ones. There are numerous reasons why people in the present age are switching to vinyl wall arts from the long established old home decoration ways.

It is not a wise idea to spend a large amount of money of making your house pretty, don’t you think so? Thus people are selecting vinyl wall arts means of home decoration as they are reasonably priced to be bought by one and all.

Difference between the conventional ways of home decoration and vinyl wall arts

If you compare it with the other ways of changing home décor then you will find that it almost costs nothing in comparison to the other so called home decoration methods. And many people are unwilling to change the wallpaper of their rooms and get new ones. Therefore it is obvious that opting for vinyl wall arts for the perfect solution for everyone in the recent era.

The conventional methods of home decoration usually were either buying new, bulky furniture or fixtures selling off the old ones or changing the paint or the wallpaper of the rooms. In these times when our economy is in a mess if it not a feasible idea to buy new furniture, even after selling old ones as we all know that good quality new furniture will cost more than the amount we can get by selling off the old ones. Thus for those who want to redecorate but have a tight budget is the answer to your problem.