The CandleMaker’s Store

I was asked to review “The CandleMaker’s Store” body spray kit. So I settled down, put on a movie, & did a little mixing, bottling, & I even made labels with address labels I have.

Kit includes:
1 Gal. Body Splash, 1 oz. each of Cool Citrus Basil, Juniper Breeze, Moonlight Path, and Sweet Pea fragrance oil, 18 – 2 oz. Clear Plastic Cosmo bottles with White 20-410 sprayers, 12 – 4 oz. Clear Plastic Cosmo bottles with White 20-410 sprayers, 12 – 4 oz. Amber Plastic Cosmo bottles with Black 20-410 sprayers.

I had so much fun making these & the ladies I’m giving them to in their Easter baskets are going to love them too. The kit came with everything I needed to make up to 42 body sprays. I simply followed the step by step instructions and I was on my way. The scents are some of my favorites and I’ve even found a new favorite it’s called “Cool Citrus Basil” and it’s perfect for spring!


(Silent) Sunday

Yoga is a great way to destress & to build your strength. You might just think it’s a bunch of pointless stretches but let me tell you after 45 minutes to an hour session you feel relaxed without tension and energized. I’ve picked a few of my favorite poses (yoga poses for beginners)& I’d like you to give them a try if your willing. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.

A little inspiration for today



Things to consider when renovating a loft

Renovating your loft is one of the easiest ways to add extra space and value to your home. Whether you’re looking to create additional storage space, give the kids a new play area or treat yourself to a new master bedroom complete with an ensuite, there are plenty of ways to put your loft space to better use. However, before you can get going with your project, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind.

What type of conversion do I want?

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property, create more space to cater for your growing family’s needs, or simply want to make the most of a great view, first of all you will need to decide on the purpose of your loft conversion. It may sound obvious, but if you want to get the design spot on, you need to have a clear idea of what the space is going to be used for. Of course, this will depend on the structure of your roof, and the best way to find out what you can do with your space is by consulting a structural engineer who will be able to determine whether your loft is suitable for your plans.


Just like any other room in your house, your loft conversion will need natural light and ventilation. Skylight windows are commonly used in roof extensions as they let light in without taking up space, making them relatively easy to install. Dormer windows are another popular choice as they provide extra head room, but may also require additional structural alterations and planning permission. Light control is another important consideration, and adding blinds to loft windows is an effective way to shut out light and create privacy. For example, many homeowners opt for light filtering roller blinds to reduce the glare of the sun while still letting in enough light to keep the room bright.

Heating and insulation

You will also need to think about how the space will be heated. If the new extension is large, it may be that your existing central heating system is unable to cope with the additional load and you will need to upgrade your boiler to a more efficient model. To ensure your conversion can handle the colder winter months, it’s also a good idea to install double-glazed windows to prevent heat loss.

Remember that the majority of heat is lost through the roof, so choose wisely when deciding on roof insulation if you want to save money on your heating bills.


Where you position the stairs is another key decision when converting roof space. It may be that you can continue from your existing stairs, or you might find that you need to use up space from another room. However, bear in mind that if you want to add value to your home, it’s important to try and ensure that the staircase doesn’t interfere too much with the usability of other rooms. Think practically too. While narrow, winding stairs will be more space-saving, you may struggle when it comes to carrying bulky furniture up them.

By getting the basics right, you shouldn’t find it difficult to make your conversion a useful, homely space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

What Do I Do?

Every week from Monday – Friday 7:15am-6:15pm I get up, shower, make my latte, & spend half an hour in traffic before I walk through the door of my job. I work as a warranty administrator for BMW. Most people may say that they dislike their job but I’m the opposite, I absolutely love it. I started at BMW on May 5th 2014 but before that I spent 3 years working for Honda. When the promotion was proposed to me I quickly jumped on it. I would no longer be working with the public, it was a nice raise, & there are many open doors in warranty.

So what does a BMW warranty administrator do? BMW has a warranty program of 4 years or 50,000 miles – which ever comes first. Which means all maintenance is covered by BMWNA as long as the service is in its interval. That is where I come in. I review, enter, appeal, & make sure the services get paid.

I also took on the task of “booking” as well. Our dealership is on a system that sends each line of the customers ticket through our computer to be “booked” as the technician finishes each line of the ticket. Some of these lines consist of easy repairs like an oil change, brake flush, or changing wiper inserts. Other repairs aren’t so simple, like when you’ve had a tech who removed an engine and totally rebuilt it. Then I have to look up codes to pay the technicians in a system called KSD. BMW is a German company so they use what’s called a Fru to pay. For instance an oil change pays 3 fru’s, customer pay oil changes are done in 10th. Each operating system has its own category I.e: Engine, fuel system, navigation & audio, & sunroof / moon roof, etc. it is sometimes a challenge to find the right code and when I started I messed up a ton. I was told it would take about 18 months to fully learn the job.

Now that you know what I do, what do you do? I love reading about other people’s days.

Mother’s Day with Stella & Dot

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

If you like jewelry that has something to say, then Stella & Dot’s Statement Pendants should hold court in your jewelry collection. Statement Pendants can be bold and beautiful or subtle and delicate – all depending on your mood or style choice for the day.

What’s fabulous about Stella & Dot’s Statement Pendants are that many components can be removed or adjusted allowing them to be worn in multiple ways. It’s like having two or three necklaces in one!

There’s no need to tell someone just how strong, bold, and beautiful you are. Show them with a Statement Pendant by Stella & Dot.

Here are a few brazen beauties that won’t be ignored!

It’s OK Thursday!

Hi Thursday, you’ve arrived quickly, but hey that’s OK. Nothing really exciting has happen this week. Well, I take that back – Tuesday night my friend Hailey was put in the hospital & had her labor induced because her blood pressure was too high. The only bad thing about it is the little baby boy will be 10 weeks early. Prayers for Hailey & her little one please?

It’s OK that I yet again, have a cold! The guy I share an office with was sick on Monday and I came in on Tuesday and picked it up while he was out sick. If my body can find a germ oh it will. My boss calls me Petri as in “Petri Dish”.

It’s OK that I really want this bracelet! You can inscribe your own motto or message on the inside of the band. Oh and this one too. This one has water from Mt. Everest & mud from the Dead Sea. To inspire you to stay leveled.

It’s OK that I’ve decided to buy a house by early next year. I’m finished cleaning up my credit with everything being paid off, now to save. I’m so excited! I know it seems like so long from now but my savings account took a huge hit.

It’s OK that I’ve wiped my weekend clean for the next few weeks. Trying to save is never fun or easy but it has to be done, right?

It’s OK that I can’t believe it’s Thursday! This week has been flying by because I’m in the office by myself (see above), it’s all work and no play.

It’s OK that I ordered the 4th book in Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson books yesterday. I’m loving these books and I can not stop reading!

It’s OK that I haven’t done any yoga this week. It saddens me because it makes me feel so energized and I can actually feel it working on my muscles.

It’s OK to have a confession to make! As I said my coworker has been out this week & it’s been so busy I’ve been to bojangles three this week already, I’m definitely not going to keep off the weight I lost that way huh? No more! … But it is right across the street & there is never any traffic crossing the parking lot. :)

What’s OK with you this week?