Are You In Need Of Business Cards?

I’ve recently decided to start a small business on the side of my full time job (more on that later). I want the resources I use to look professional while still getting a great deal! I came across these tri-luxe business cards and I think they’d do the trick. The cards come as double sided with rounded edges! I know other companies print double sided cards but I’ve never seen another company that does rounded edges.

With these tri-luxe business cards you can upload your own design, they come in 4 different eye catching colors, and there are templates if you don’t want to design your own. The templates are customizable too so you’ve got a little say so in the design of your card if you’d like to.

I think it’s fun to play around with all of the design elements because there are endless possibility with hundreds of color coronations. I like my cards to be unique and stand out from the rest. This gets you noticed and remembered.





If your in the market for a business card I suggest you stop by and check these out. I love them & the possibilities they possess and I think you will too.

Homemade Pimento Cheese

‘ve never been one for pimento cheese. I think it has a weird consistency and it tasted funny, nothing like cheese. All this changed yesterday when my coworker brought in some. It wasn’t the regular store bought kind, it was homemade! I tried it (not totally against my will) & to my surprise I loved it. The texture wasn’t that of the store bought kind, it was rich and it had a bit to it. After helping her consume most of it I decided to out the fork down and let her eat the rest. I asked her recipe and it turns out it’s so simple! I made some for tomorrow & I thought I’d share with you guys too! If you try it let me know what you think. I’ll relay the message to her.

Big block of sharp cheddar cheese
Small jar of pimentos (drained)
3 tablespoons mayo (I used miracle whip)
Pepper (to your taste)


1. Shred your cheddar cheese into a big bowl. You can use a box grater, a food processor, or a Kitchenaid cheese grater. I used my Kitchenaid cheese grater & it was so easy!


2. Drain the pimentos & add them to the cheese. Add in your 3 tablespoons of mayo.


3. Mix until well blended. You can add more mayo until you get the consistency you like.


I use dark Pepperidge Farms Pumpernickel bread to make my sandwich. It was rather tasty.


This entire recipe takes all of 10 minutes to make. The longest part of the process is grating the cheese. If you don’t like pimento cheese give this a try. Not only is it richer but you can control the ingredients that go in and leave the chemicals out. It baffles me to look at some if the labels of things I use to eat all the time and see the ingredients in them, some of which I couldn’t pronounce and that meant I didn’t need them in my body.

Retro Repin Party

Hey Everyone! Welcome to our fun Retro Re-pin Party!! Thanks for joining us! This wouldn’t be a party without YOU and we appreciate everyone that pins and re-pins with us!

Retro Re-Pin Party

This party is all about bringing those older pins back into the lime light and making them new again! For this we need your help – remember to repin!

Meet your Retro Repin hostesses! With such awesome hostesses on 7 blogs, that’s 7 times the exposure for your pin! WOOHOO!!

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*~* Are you all ready to party?!? ~

This is a Retro Re-pin Party so works a bit different than the usual link party. Please do NOT link up your blog main page, a blog post or your pin boards – link up one of your Pinterest pins and PLEASE – Family Friendly posts only!! If the link is not to a previously pinned post, it may not be pinned.


Very simple rules for this party:

1. Add up to 2 pin links to your pinned posts – the older the better!

2. Repin at least 2 other pins because that’s why we are here!

3. Link back to us if you would, it’s the nice thing to do!

4. Come back next week and repeat!

5. Spread the word, the more the merrier!

Note: By linking up to this party, you give the hostesses permission to share your posts via social media with links back to the original source. If you have entered an email address into the link up too, an email will be sent when the party goes live. Your email will not be used in any other way.

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Most people don’t know this but…

I’m scared of flying! I know, how embarrassing right? There are so many places I want to see but because I’m terrified of flying I may never see them.

I’ve compiled a bucket list but if I don’t kick this fear I won’t be able to see any of them. I’m not as bad if I’m flying with someone but I’m still in the verge of panic attack while on the ground, boarding, flying, & landing. The anxiety doesn’t go away until my feet are planted firmly on the ground again.

Does anyone else have super high anxiety about flying or is it just me? If you’ve been fortunate enough to have overcome your fear, please tell me how you did it?!

If I kick it here are a few places I intend to see before I hang up my wings.

Eiffel Tower

Grass pond in New Zealand

Scotland Fairy Pool

Cologne, Germany

Sakuragawa, Japan


Check the other destinations I’ve added to my bucket list here. Do you have a favorite place? Somewhere you like to call your happy place perhaps. The more weekend trips we take the more I’m loving the idea of these places.

Brave Love Blog

Sunday Social

It’s time to join Neely & Ashley again for the week. This week is about favorites! It’s been an interesting and busy week. I’ve been relaxing a little after work which is fantastic because next week is going to kick my butt! My co-worker is on vacation all week & I’m pulling a 6 day week. Woohoo, hello overtime! That’ll come in handy on the Charleston SC trip next month.

1. Favorite Scent
This summer I’ve been loving the “Blushing” by Victoria Secret. I’m excited to find my fall scent though. I just love fall.

2. Favorite Food
I was making dinner for the boyfriend one night and made while wheat penne pasta then I added some chicken, peas, Lima beans, & broccoli with Classico’s Alfredo sauce. It was a hit!


Then again, I’m loving rice Krispy treats too!


3. Favorite Sound
I’m really enjoying the peace and quiet in the evenings after work. It’s starting to simmer down heat wise in the evenings so I sit outside with my tea and watch traffic, read, or ya know – blog.

4. Favorite Picture currently on your phone
I’m doing the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk Oct. 4th so I like to see how long it’ll take me to finish. I’ve been walking a little over 4 miles and I’ve come across some pretty sights.


5. Best memory of the year so far
The best memory I have of this year so far is getting back in touch with my cousin. Her daughter is so cute! It’s so funny to listen to her talk and she’s adorable.