If we were having wine


I’m borrowing this post from Jolene who borrowed it from Suzie & spun it from “If We Were Having Coffee” to call it “If We Were Having Wine“. I love both beverages equally but I’m more talkative with wine. This is just a fun little post of the conversations we’d have if we were having wine (or coffee, pick your poison so to speak).

If we were having wine,

I’d tell you I was really excited about a little plan I’m forming. I don’t want to divulge too much about it incase I fall on my face and it falls through. I’m really excited about it & I haven’t been excited in quite some time.

Then you’d know I am happy to report I’ve lost 5lbs in 2 weeks. I know it’s not a big deal to everyone but I love food! It’s been so hard to lose these 5lbs but I did it so that makes me pretty happy.

You’d tell me not to take a sledge hammer to my head or try to pull my brain from my nose like the Egyptians use to. I’ve had a headache that’s turned itself in a migraine on Sunday then down graded itself to a headache then around 3pm on Tuesday it decided to become a migraine again.

Happy Humpdaaaaay!


Momma Don’t Worry Book Review

There are a few moms that read my blog & I had a chance to review a short book by Louie Lawent called “Momma Don’t You Worry”. You can find the kindle version on Amazon for $1.29. It’ll give you and your little one something to read together and it gives a simple understanding that kids need their parents for guidance even though they might not like doing what their parents say. This book teaches the lesson that the parents know best and they have a reason for the rules that are trying to keep their young ones safe.

You can download it to any kindle device and enjoy it over and over again. The 9 pages contain pictures, a story, & a lesson. This is a big lesson to be learned in only a few pages. The little one might think it’s ok to wonder away but then sometimes they get confused and panic. It’s always a good idea for the little on to know what to do in order to get back to their parents safety. When reunited with their parent all is well & ok, all because of what their parents had taught them.


Who Is Your Alter Ego?


Everyone has their own idolized super hero or someone whom they look up to in some way, shape, or form. Maybe that person to you is your alter ego. Those moments when you look to that person (or thing – in some cases) for the energy you need in that particular situation. Well, for me – I came with my own alter ego.

My mother said it stems way back into my childhood. I call it my alter ego but she just calls it being a bitch (yup, that’s my mom. It’s funny because it’s all out of love). She said in situations where I’d become nervous, scared, angry, or hurt that is when Nichole would come out. I named my alter Nichole because it’s my middle name, the name in which my mother would call me when I was one of the above.

I’m in general a very laid back type of person. I have my comfort zones as everyone else. My zones are just a tiny bit smaller than everyone else’s. I have panic attacks and really high anxiety at times like when I’m uncomfortable so I tend to stay shy and quiet. When I’ve had enough and I’ve been pushed as far as I can go to the hypothetical edge, Nichole usually decides to show up. Letting the pusher know in no certain terms I’ve had enough & to lay off. Nichole doesn’t mind being straight forward, honest, hurtful, and even sometimes just rude. Nichole is like that feeling you get when your angry because your hungry, that’s her.

So as long as Nichole has my back I know I’ll be alright.

Trying New Things

I’ve thought about this for a few months now but I just realized that I can do it! What am I talking about you ask (& if you didn’t I’ll just pretend you did, for dramatic effect)? I want to do yoga! I see these people doing these yoga poses (advanced I’d assume because they are standing on their heads with their legs in the air) looking so graceful & I’m thinking there is no way I’d be able to hold myself up on my arms let alone my head.

After a 10+ hour work day I get home & I’m tired – both my mind & my body. From what I’ve heard yoga is a great way to relax & destress. I need this in my life! Over the last few weeks my anxiety has been really bad & I don’t like when this happens because I’m moody, irritable, & on edge. I’m not comfortable in my own skin and I feel restless. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

Since I’ve started working with the company I work with (August will be 4 years! I can’t believe it) I’ve fallen off on eating right and exercising, like bad. So bad I fact I went from 105lbs to 135! It was so much easier to run out and grab a burger than to figure out what healthy options I could stack in the fridge. I’m ready to change all of this too, I’m excited really & I can’t wait to start my adventure.

I’ve set a goal for myself (given my body will allow it) by December. I say December because I have no idea how my body will react to my new yoga challenge & I want to allow myself enough time so I won’t (further more) hurt myself. By December I want to be able to do scorpion pose!


I’m so giddy I could pee myself! I’ve never really challenged myself with anything like this. So naturally I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be. If you have any tips or suggestions PLEASE feel free to share. I need all the help I can get.

What I’m loving in February

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Toe Socks
I’m loving toe socks lately! It’s been super cold outside and with the recent snowfall my toes can not get warm enough.

without this little melt I think my nose may fall off. The air is so sharp and crisp that my sinus’ are very very angry. This is the only thing I’ve found that can offer some relief.

Niva body wash with lotion
I could eat this stuff! It smells so good. I’m loving it because I always use lotion after I get out of the shower. I have really sensitive skin but this body wash doesn’t break me out too bad, hah. The Claritin also helps with that. It also smells so good.

Fiber One Chocolate Chip Bars
I’m trying to eat right and I’m down couple pounds & these little guys are only 90 calories and they’re perfect for punching my sugar cravings in the throat. It would usually be hard to eat just one of these but that’s all you need, it’s satisfying.

Maxwell House Mocha Suisse
I love having one of these in the morning. I make it with soy milk and warm it on the stove and it’s amazing! Every now and then for an added bonus I’ll top it with whipped cream & drizzle chocolate over top. That makes for a good morning!

Barre Ball
I’d never thought this little ball could do so much for a workout. It’s amazing and it helps you go as far as you can go, you can feel it too. I like knowing I’m not just wasting time. I love this little ball!

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