Add a Boost to your Festive Fun with Bingo Play

The chillness in the weather automatically rings the alarm in my mind reminding me about the start off the festive fun. Since my childhood days I had this inclination towards festive fun! Perhaps every child has it. This time of the year, no matter what every kid is pampered by their parents to quite an extent. As a kid, this time of the year I was treated to nothing less than a princess. It used to be my golden period! The fun started with Halloween followed with Christmas and then New Year.

New clothes, yummy food, parties, outings, gifts and so much more. In short had no count about the fun. As a kid I enjoyed loads of it. Currently, being a parent it’s time for me to do the same for my kids. Just like how it used to be the best days in my childhood period, I ensure to make it the best for my kids too. So, now as a parent realized the amount of hard work goes in for all of this. Plannings, discussions, fixing the budget, sorting things accordingly and the list goes on.

I am one who loves shopping! Any time of the day I can be ready for one. However, at this time of the year, I actually dread to go for one, especially with the sight of the budget.

Topping it all, a little bit of brain racking is also required. As have to implement new ideas in regards to decorations, food, Halloween costumes and similarly for Christmas too. Yes, of course for all this Google is there to help out. Every year had been doing so for off late my imagination skills have actually taken a back seat. For this year too, I have already begun with my research work to make it an excellent one for my kids.

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Pet Peeves

I myself know I do/say some pretty annoying dumb things at times. I try not to have a lot of pet peeves because they sometimes involve other people & as the saying goes “nobody is perfect”. I’m more than sure I get on my brother’s last nerve, my parents, & possibly the boyfriends too but he hides it better than my family members, who have no problem telling me how they really feel.

Tele-markers – I’m never interested in what they have to say. Use to when I was around my cousins & they were smaller I’d answer then quickly hand the phone over to the smallest and tell her it was Santa’s elf.

No signal users – I want to say that is how people get hurt. If someone happens to be in your blind spot and you decide to scoot over a lane the person in your blind spot doesn’t know until they’ve almost been hit & their blood pressure is up.

Know it alls – Zip it! They don’t know everything. They may know everything about their life & what works for them but not everyone else. Here is the thing, we aren’t all made of the same cookie cutter.

Last worders – These people should pick their battles, they’d have more friends. There’s a power struggle there that someone might need to address.

Problem makers – There could be the easiest task on this planet and this person is going to complicate things for absolutely no reason. My theory is that this type of person likes the sound of their own voice.

Nose blowers – Don’t get me wrong this is a daily bodily function but I don’t think it needs to be done while eating. I’m glad you’ve finished your meal and I hope it was lovely but I don’t care to hear the innerards of your nose coming out while I’m trying to enjoy my lovely meal.

The Stare Downers – What are you looking at. Are you trying to stand perfectly still as if you can’t be seen?

Those are a few in detail that just bother me. Other things are:

• Dirty bathrooms
• Wet money (you know the kind. During the summer especially. Accumulating that ocean water or butt sweat. Eeek!)
• People who sing when they can’t (bless your heart!)

That’s about it for me. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my peeves. I know we’ve all done a few of these from time to time but it’s the repeat offenders that irk me. My mom has a few weird pet peeves. She doesn’t like the sound if someone crunching, like when eating cereal or chips. We can’t really pick in her because she doesn’t eat chips or cereal.

Do we share the same pet peeves? Hopefully mine aren’t too bad.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Retro Repin Party #15

On to the Retro Re-Pin Party!!

Retro Repin

We have shaken things up a bit this week – we have lost one of our hostesses, Joy is off to do some exciting things on her blog and life. We shall miss her and wish her the best of luck!

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What Makes You Happy?

What makes me happy. I can think of a few things. I don’t know about most people but I myself like to be happy. So when I’m unhappy it’s noticed but that is another post. Here are my happy makers in no apparent order just as I think of them.

A vase full of beautiful flowers.

A hot cup of tea.

A warm white chocolate mocha.

Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

To be around my family, if it be just my
mom, my brother, or my entire family.

Music that I love (right now I’m hooked on Green River Ordinance).

Accomplish a craft project.

Trying a new recipe.

Rainy days. I know that’s weird but I love them.

Ruppert. He is my chinchilla and he’s my furbaby.

Lazy days


What makes you happy?

Helene in Between Blogtober

I’m An Expert At


That’s right folks. You heard it here first & yes I’ll be the first to admit it. I’d love to say ice gotten better over time but I haven’t, if anything I’ve gotten a little worse. Take for instance right now, I’m writing this post. These prompts have been up since the beginning of October, right. You’d think if have more done by now. Truth is, after work I come home, shower, eat a little, & play on Pinterest while I’m watching a little ID Network. I do a little scheduling for the blog like an hour before bedtime. I need to make a better schedule and stick to it though. When I’m scheduling things I’m usually doing it laying in bed via my iPhone in which I usually fall asleep holding it.

That brings me to my question(s).
1. When do you write your posts?
2. When do you schedule them?
3. Where do you usually promote these posts?

I use Hootsuit everyday to schedule tweets & I schedule a few Facebook posts too. The workload has gotten so heavy lately I haven’t been able to do a lot of reading, writing, or commenting these days at work these days. As you read above I’m easily distracted when I get home. Hopefully things will get better once Time Warner comes out to fix the flashing lights on my router. Yup, partly my fault, I haven’t gotten around to calling them back. It’s been a week 1/2.

Happy Friday!

Helene in Between Blogtober

It’s OK Thursday

I don’t know why it seems like this week has been dragging on, I was off work on Monday since I’m working on Saturday. I do love my job though. I don’t have to deal with customers and my coworkers are awesome. Yesterday we they all had a great laugh when I split my pants. I sit at my desk Indian style or I sit on my knees so I got through a ton of pants when the butt rips out. Of course it’s the only day I didn’t have my gym bag because it was raining cats and dogs all day.

It’s OK Thursday…

To want to live in Charleston, SC when I retire. That is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.

That I split my pants right across the butt yesterday at work.

That I got a pair of (unclaimed) salesman work pants. The techs & salesman use a uniform company that washes & dry cleans their clothes. The company leaves extra pants just incase. (See above)

That instead of saving money I’m surprising my mom with an extra Christmas gift in November. I’m already taking a weeks vacation so I’m taking her for a stay at the Biltmore House. (She doesn’t read my blog) We arn’t going to stay at the house per-say because I have this amazingly dumb fear of ghosts, but we are staying near by. Don’t judge.

That Matt & I exchanged Christmas gifts already. Once I get something for someone I get excited and don’t want to wait. Other people are like that too right? He got me an initial necklace & I love it! I got him a yellow Arsenal jersey. It’s his favorite soccer team.

To want to be as individual as I can be. When I people watch I see the same things over and over which is fine. I like my personal style and have no desire to give it up. One day it’s leggings and a cute top with heels & the next it’s jeans and a tshirt.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday! I’m sure you probably will because all Thursdays lead to a Friday.

Favorite Quote


I fell in love with this quote when I first saw it because I feel like it hits the nail on the head, for me anyway. I’m a naturally happy person. Sure life gets to me with it’s stresses and things but I think you can work through everything no matter how draining they can be, but always bounce back because at least you have your life that is yours to live.

These days it’s so easy to be distracted by the negativity because it is everywhere. You have to remember you are in charge of your mood. If your in a bad mood then you can fix it, maybe not instantly but knowing the goal that’s going to bring that spark back should be motivation enough to make you want to struggle through your heaviest burden and come out on the other side. What’s the saying, no pressure, no diamond?

Helene in Between Blogtober