I’ll Be Back After This Short Break

It’s been awhile since I’ve concentrated on myself. I’ve had this cold/bronchitis for about 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve worked over 50+ hours the last few months, and getting sick has made me think I need to take better care of myself.

Until Friday I can’t remember when the last time I drank a cup of water let alone the 8 I’m supposed to be drinking. I’m a little bummed because I haven’t been as successful as I’ve wanted to be about spreading the Beach Body & Shakeology word. I’ve also fallen behind on blogging, my posts aren’t as consistent a i’d like.

Which brings me to only one conclusion, I’m taking a short break. I wont be gone long, I’d miss you guys too much! I’ll be back May 1st with more content, stories, and recipes! Who knows, I might even throw in a DIY, or take up a new hobby but let’s not overcrowd an already overcrowded plate.

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys, what do you want to see more (or less) of? Take a look around the blog, I’d love your input. How would you guys feel about a link party every week? It could have a snazxy name & you could drop in and leave any link you’d like. Meh, just a little food for thought.

I’ll see you on the 1st!


It’s OK Thursday!

Wow, what a week! I’m still trying to kick the bronchitis I found out I have on Monday. I wasn’t feeling great Thursday and it only got worse over the weekend so I paid a visit to my local urgent care Monday. My chest hurts so bad but I got some amazing prescription cough med, which knocks me out but I don’t cough. I can only take small doses at work so I’m not curled up under (or ontop of) my desk asleep and dreaming of not paying bills.

It’s OK that I have a few design projects (all of which are my own. I don’t Lally gag when it comes to clients) I’ve fallen behind on. Maybe not fallen behind on but more so I’d wish to have crossed them off the “to-do” list by now.

It’s OK I haven’t been grocery shopping this week. I haven’t had the energy and I can’t taste anything anyway.

It’s OK that I only got up to 7,300 steps yesterday on my Fitbit. If you have one then you understand why I’m slightly obsessed with it, right?! It tells my steps, miles, calories burned, water intake, it even has a food tracker. I was told not to do anything “extra” until I’m fully better.

It’s OK that I got 4 “red bug” bites around my right ankle. I don’t like sitting on the concrete steps at work for this reason. They got me! Those itchy little snipes.

It’s OK to not have had a cup of coffee all week. Do you hear me when I tell you I can not hardly wait! I want to make sure I can taste it. I’m going to have at least 3 Suiss Mocha’s.

It’s OK that I talked my mom into getting matching tattoo’s with me! She must really love me because she doesn’t really care for tattoo’s. It is her mothers day present from me. I’ll post the reveal after they’re done. Eek! I’m excited!

What’s OK with you this week?

Daith Piercing For Migraines

I heard all the rage about a Daith piercing would help with migraines. This made my head and ears perk up like a deer grazing in a berry bush (if they do that. I’d imagine they would, as long as they aren’t poison berries) and I got excited! Here’s the deal, my mom has migraines, my grandma had them, and my aunt gets them now and then. Anything painful that runs in the family of course surfaces in me (not my twin brother, lucky duck. Duck was not my first choice word.).

I had a friend get one and after doing a little Google research (if it’s on the Internet, it has to be true) for 24 hours I thought why not. After work on a rainy Monday I strolled into my body piercer’s (newly expanded) shop and told her what I wanted. She said more people have come in for that particular piercing than anything else since the beginning of February. She gave me the run down and told me it may or may not help with my migraines. I signed my waiver and she swept me away to her piercing chair (I’ve known her for over 12 years & she does all my piercing and her husband does my tattoos). She always laughs at me because when she pokes the needle through my skin I giggle. I can’t help it, I don’t know why I do it. After all was said and done this is what I ended up with.

I’ve had it done for 2 months and I must say, it’s calmed the migraines by 75%! Instead of having one every day or every other day, they’ve been spaced out and usually I can take one of my many migraine prescribed medicines and when I wake up its downgraded to a regular headache.

I will say it bleeds -ALOT- while the hole is being made and the jewelry is going in. So if your thinking about it and your squeamish, take a friend and don’t eat before you go.

Reasons I Love Downtown Raleigh

Since I picked up my fitbit last weekend I’ve been a little obsessed with hitting my steps everyday. Some days i do and some days I don’t, that’s how life goes right.

I decided to take a walk downtown, It’s absolutely one of my favorite things to do no matter the season. The sun was bright but the wind was a little cold, that didn’t make a difference though. I love going downtown Raleigh because there is so much to look at! The historical district is a few blocks away from everything so the people that inhabit the houses don’t have to hear the constant noise. With so many restaurants (over 25+) in the downtown area alone the air always smells like pizza, BBQ, fri’s, burgers, or breads, muffins, cupcakes & chocolates are the bakery & chocolate factory.

There is an interchanging piece in the middle of the park, they keep a piece there for a year to 6 months but each piece has something to do with history. The statue that’s being displayed now is the Fire Fighters Foundation. The hats say 911 with a shield in the Eagles mouth on the hat. I noticed someone laid a live rose in the fallen fighters hand. It brought tears to my eyes and I stood there staring at the piece for a few minutes, then sent up a silent prayer.

I always run my batteries dead taking so many pictures, I know I took at least 100 but I pulled my favorite for this post. A lot of the photos are the historical houses, I just love them! Around the train station they let street artist have a square to themselves, and so forth until the entire wall was filled in. When it gets too cluttered, they repaint the wall gray and let anyone have at it again.

I hope you’ve had fun checking out downtown Raleigh with me! Which photo is your favorite?

Houses & architecture

Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation

Apartment buildings, train station

5 Reasons Im An Asshole In Traffic

I drive in Raleigh everyday & everyday by the time I get home or to where I’m going I’m usually over it. Raleigh is the 2nd largest city in North Carolina with a total population of about 2,037,430 people in the triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill). That is a lot of people on the roads in morning/evening traffic. I usually see the same cars on a daily basis sitting with me at the stop lights and intersections. I’ve only had a few speeding tickets (they’ve all been on my way to the beach. After the winter I’m sure you can understand. I was in a hurry to get some vitamin sea) and I’ve only been in one accident and that was when I was 18. Yes, it was my fault so I’ll admit it. I was watching someone back the Ford GT’s off the truck and hit another (2) car(s). I’ve since learned a lot about the road and a few things to keep me safe from those who inhabit it.

Throughout the years of traveling not just to work but where ever I go I’ve noticed a few things about myself and my driving habits. I’m not a patient person but i try so hard when I’m on the road because you hear about so many bad things happening.

I wonder if you are like me too. There is only but so much I can take then decisions must be made. I do take into consideration my surrounds when doing these things though.

5 Reasons I’m An Asshole in Traffic
1. I change lanes as soon as another lane opens up.
2. If your a dump truck or transfer truck I will pass you.
3. If you blow your horn at me, I will go 5 under the speed limit for at least 10 minutes.
4. I will cuss out loud if you do not use your turn signals.
5. I will not hesitate to do random brake checks if you are riding my bumper. I pay my insurance and I won’t be scared to use it.

Why So Piyo?

May snuck up quick this year, I can’t believe we are already 5 months in! I’m so ready for this beautiful weather, I got a jump start early this year. In April I became a Beach Body Coach & I absolutely fell in love with the Shakeology shakes & Piyo!

If your scratching your head wondering “what is a Shakeology…& is Piyo a form of torture?” Shakeology is a meal replacement shake (my favorite is the Cafe Latte) but what makes Shakeology shakes different from others is that not only does it help curb junk food cravings it also increases your energy level, improves digestion and regularity (we are friends, we can talk about that, right?), and it also helps to loose unwanted weight. I’ve tried the chocolate, Cafe latte, & strawberry, which are great but the cafe latte gives me the coffee taste I love without all the extra calories. If your lactose intolerant Shakeology makes vegan flavors too! I also like the fact that if I get bored either my flavor I can always make different recipes depending on which shake I’ve chosen that month. You can check them out on my Pinterest board.

Piyo is an awesome work out and it doesn’t even feel life your working out. It’s a fused mixture of yoga and pilates. It tones, burns calories, and gives you a great stretch. If your looking for something that’s low impact this is it for you.

I started my adventure the 3rd week in April and ice already lost 8 pounds just by replacing 1 meal with my Shakeology & doing 30 minutes of Yoga & Piyo 3 times a week. I will admit that I weighed the pro’s & con’s before committing to Shakeology, it seems expensive but it breaks down to about $4.33 for the meal it’s replacing, and it’s healthy, that’s what solidified my decision.

I’d love to become your coach if your interested in giving it a try. I’ve got chocolate Shakeology shakes & I’ll send you a packet if your interested in trying it. Since I’ve got a limited supply for myself every month I’m willing to part with 5 of the shakes. If you want to see what other flavors taste like there is a 7 day sample pack available, it also contains 2 vegan shakes so you get the opportunity to try them both and without having to commit. If your interested in one of my chocolate packets email me at lesliecbeme@beachbodycoach[dot]com & I’ll be happy to mail you a packet.

If your interested in updates, freebies, promo’s, and inspiration then drop by the Facebook page and stay connected.


Easy ways to clean greasy food containers

Plastic is a magnet for grease and oil which is hard to be cleaned and removed. Here are some effective methods for cleaning greasy food containers. Try them out and find out which ones are the most effective. Food containers can be damaged and become unusable if proper cleaning isn’t implemented on them after being used. Greasy food make them stained and covered with an oily finish which seems impossible to be removed. Try the following techniques to restore your oily food containers.

Cleaning greasy plastic containers can be done with a damp sponge with some baking soda over it. Rub with the sponge the inside of the container. This should take the grease off and the odour too.

You can leave the sponge and water and use soap directly on your food containers to remove grease. Remove the food residue from it with water after which make sure there isn’t any water in its bottom. Pour a squirt of soap in the container. With your fingers spread the soap inside the container adding more soap if it is necessary. When the inside of the container is filled with a thin layer of soap rinse it using hot water. In the end, use a hand towel to dry the container. This will make it squeaky clean and rid of grease are saying from Tenancy Cleaners SW2.

Greasy film and stains on plastic containers can easily be removed with the use of dish soap, vinegar, dish cloth and water. Fill your sink to its half with hot water, pour 2 cups of white vinegar in it and soak your greasy food containers in this solution for about 15 minutes. After that, use a dishcloth with dish soap to scrub the containers inside and out. In the end, rinse and dry them well.

To clean oily Tupperware fill them with hot but not boiling water and add some washing liquid. Shake the formed solution well and throw it out. Then, you can clean the container with a soft sponge and rinse using clean water. The best way to remove oily residue from food containers is using hot water which cuts through the grease. It is recommended to wipe the greasy residue with a kitchen towel before pouring hot water. This way you will need less washing liquid.

The most effective detergent for cleaning greasy food containers is TupperClean Dish Wash. It is not only environmentally safe but enough concentrated to cut through grease. You can dilute it six times and still succeed to clean your oily food containers. Moreover, it is safe for the hands.

To de-grease your food containers use dish soap with a lot of hot water. Scrub the container using a dish sponge with dish soap and use hot water to rinse. Repeat if necessary. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of oily residues.

Some greasy containers may be cleaned easier after being soaked with vinegar solution or dish detergent which will remove the oily film easier. Lemon juice can be used to remove stains from plastic containers and easier clean them. Rub the container’s interior with half lemon and a little of its juice, let it dry in the sun and rinse well. This should make it perfectly clean and rid of food stains.

Soap, vinegar, baking soda and dish detergent in a combination with water are effective in removing greasy leftovers from food containers. Although you may succeed to clean them, eventually at some point of time they may get unusable due to the smell or damage of the plastic. It also depends on how thick they are and the quality of their material. Apply the methods for washing and cleaning presented here and check which one works best.