ABC’s Of Me

How is it November already? I blinked like twice in August & now it’s November. I hope everyone had a great Halloween & now that everyone has had their candy fix we can move onto a month of turkey & another month of Pumpkin.

I was feeling a little antsy (probably from all of the candy) while sitting here so I started silently singing my ABC’s. I have no idea why but since I was old enough to learn my ABC’s I sing them silently to avoid whatever is stressing me out at the time. Mid song it hit me! So today’s post is inspired by my (& your) ABC’s.

A – Absolutely amazed – From what i see around me in this world & the people in it.
B – Banana nut bread – OMG I love it!
C – Carnation good start breakfast – I’m addicted to it! It keeps me full into the afternoon.
D – Daughter – I’m my mother’s only daughter. I’m actually the only girl on both sides of the fam.
E – Excited – Every day brings a new beginning.
F – Fall is my favorite season.
G – God – I love him.
H – Happy – I’m always in a good mood and nothing usually ruins it.
I – Italian food – nom nom nom, i love it!
J – Jumping in – I usually jump into anything head first without thinking.
K – Kevin – My twin brother’s name.
L – Leslie – that’s my name don’t wear it out! ☺️ I couldn’t help myself.
M – Marbles – I’ve totally lost them…all.
N – Nice – moooost of the time.
O – Open minded – I try to see the good in everything until im proved wrong.
P – Pink – This is my favorite color. I use to hate it when i was little though.
Q – Queen – I’m the queen of my domain. Or at least in my head i am.
R – Ruppert – He’s my chinchilla. I LOVE my furbaby.
S – School – Pastry Arts graduate & thinking about Culinary Arts.
T – Twin – I have have a twin brother {aka my womb mate}, he’s also my best friend.
U – Understanding – I understand life is different for everyone and i try to understand everyone.
V – Voice – I have one..and i use it..a lot
W – Winter – This is my 2nd favorite season. I love snow.
X – Xtreme – I love snowboarding & sky diving!
Y – Yesterday – I try to learn something from all my yesterday’s.
Z – Zzzz – i love to sleep. I sometimes wake up thinking about being able to go back to sleep.

Here Are The Facts

I’ve done a few posts that have to do with random facts about myself (this one & this one). These posts are always fun to write because you learn a little about yourself everyday.

KnowThe Facts:
I’m usually always happy.

My nickname is Bubbles (see above).

I’m scared of the dark.

I have psoriasis.

I’m scared to fly but I love sky diving.

I’m terrified of snakes.

I can’t eat foods that have no texture, they make me gag.

I have a pet chinchilla who I love like a baby.

I have the sweetest boyfriend.

I actually love where I work.

I have to use Zest body wash because every other soap in the world breaks me out.

I could eat pasta everyday of my life.

I love plum wine. If your a wine lover you should give it a shot.

I love being crazy, at any given time.

I have panic attacks, they almost ruined my life.

I have social anxiety in crowds (Again, see above).

I have a condition called chronic migraine.

I have a twin brother (who I call my wombmate).

We were born 2 1/2 months early.

I was in a tornado when I was 3, & the left side of my face was ripped off.

Fall is my favorite season. I love all of the beautiful colors & crisp air.

My favorite coffee drink is a white chocolate mocha or Veranda blend from Starbucks.

I’m addicted to my iPhone. I go into panic mode when I can’t find it.

I love visiting new places. I’ve been to Maryland, Virginia & South Carolina this year.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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If I Had A Halloween Party

I love Halloween & it’s a fun day month around here. It started when my brother & I were little, my mom & dad would take my brother & I along with 2 other families kids trick or treating. We did this for years until we I was told I was too old to go (that was 2 years ago, JK!). I love everything about Halloween, the candy, party decor, decorations, & the costumes. My ( best friend (who moved back to NY) has a family who is really into Halloween too. Her parents throw a party for like 150 people with games for the kids, adult beverages, a costume party (the winner gets a visa gift card), & a ton of candy / candy making. The house is decorated in every room & even the dogs wear costumes.

I’ll be attending their party when I’m in NY but since I’m not there this year I was thinking what I’d do if I had a Halloween party. Here is what I came up with.

The Food

The Decor

The Costume

I’ve never been anything scary that I can remember. I’m feeling a little fall like so I’d be a scarecrow this year.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

Shave Time & Money

A good razor is hard to find. Ladies, you know what I mean. When you do find a good one the refills are usually $30 for just a couple. I’ve got a secret to spill. I love using men’s razors, maybe it’s because I haven’t quite found a woman’s razor I like.

Given that I like using men’s razors the refills I’ve found could also be a little expensive. My boyfriend actually introduced me to Dollar Shave Club & they’re the same razor refills for way less! With the club you can even pick a plan & get their razor blades automatically delivered to you. Um, it doesn’t get any better than that!


Since his discovery I never walk around with unshaved legs. I love how my skin feels and I too it all off with a hint a Jergans lotion. I’m smooth and comfortable all day. If your looking for great refills and great prices click on the picture and start saving!

*this is not a paid of affiliate link. I get no compensation for this post. I’m simply sharing my thoughts.**